Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ahh...Fair October!

Lu and Jer were all smiles at the St. Tammany Parish Fair. After a quick livestock tour they headed for the Faris Wheel...Lu was determined to ride it! Lots of noise, people, lights, and heat...we all reeled out of the park in a tizzy.

Up up they go! Everyone enjoyed this ride...Lu read a book about the fair in January and first got the idea of riding the Faris Wheel...months of patient waiting....!

The pre-fair parade....the cousins join forces to collect maximum beads and candy!

Watching intently, the three are quite a combo of fun and energy!

Settin' a rabbit trap. No rabbit but the carrot was definately half eaten...and not by mom or dad!

Downtown enjoyed the street party and looked at old cars and got painted faces! Miss Kitty and Pirate Jer!


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