Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Momma's Boy!

Bubsie loves the camera but what does he love even more? Momma!!! Little Baby Jer is in his Momma attachment stage. He will let go for a little while then he realizes "Wait Momma's over there and I'm over can that be?!" thinks little guy. A quick sputter of tears and a reach lands him just where he likes to Momma's arms once again. "Ahh..." signs Bubsie, "everything is ssssoooo much better in Momma's arms!" "You know I am just part of you Momma!" he often tells me!

Ah...honey butter bread...good to the last sticky bit! Still a Lula Girl fav, but now a bit better cuz as Lucie says, "Eat it outside Momma!"
"OOOHHH....that looks powerful good to me." mumbles Little Baby Jer...."I sure hope Momma eats some so I can have some honey-butter-goodness flavored Creamy-Delish!"


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