Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Ol' Cousin Ed!

Lucie and Bubs were quite happy in Eddie's arms and so excited to have a cousin visit! Especially Walter and James' brother!! Handsome Ed and Daniel arrived Sunday for a nice chat and we enjoyed them so!
Lucie cuddles up to her new "squeeze". Eddie is thick-lots of muscles-and so kind...we love our Edd-o!
"Momma can Isaac come play today? I want to show him my 'danger stick'!" whispered Bubsie into my ear. Bubs has two tiny hinney friends like himself...Isaac and Matt and he is learning to share Mommy too! Bubs finds it hard to not freak out when his friends come over and Mommy gives them attention!
Miss Priss settles down for a small read...very small...all of 2 books then she is off again!


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