Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What Lucille Likes to do on a Snow Day...

Well you know this is my first blizzard and I am so excited...even yesterday there was an air of expectation and thrill....Papa knew all right...he loaded me and Momma into the car to get supplies. Movies, hot cocoa, baking necessities were all on the agenda and boy was he ever right! I am looking forward to spending the day with Pops he is hyper with energy so I can count on alot of blubbers, playtime, and tosses into the air!!! Doesn't get any better for a Wee Ferg than a blizzard day! Check out the view from our garage...Heltie thought he wanted out till we let him go!! ha haa...poor pup stuck with me and chasing him all day!


Yesterday Wee Ferg enjoyed the sun and light breeze....
"OH, Papa what is going on?!" Wee Ferg asked. "I love the snow but it is as high as me!"
Definately a Hot Cocoa day!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hurricane Lucille

Daddy and Lucie are quite the combo. They both enjoy the outdoors and playing with toys. Last night, Momma and Heltie came home to find a trail of colorful toys littering the room. As they followed it to the noisey source, they found Daddy and Lula who had left fun in their wake as they progressed from stuffies to rattles to blocks!

Frauline Lucie

This past Sunday, Lucille decided she would like to be a little German girl for the day. Helton was renamed "Ralph" and Lucille fixed us all the most lovely Kafe Kucken you ever saw!

Our Snow Bunny!

Right after breakfast Daddy noticed it had snowed and decided it was time for Lucie's first contact with snow. "What is going on?!" thought Lula. "Why am I cold and what is that white powder stuff?" Lucille wasn't too sure of it all until after she had watched Heltie jump in and bath himself in the white powder. "May I please try a bit of it Momma?" asked sweet Lula. "Wow!" "It is wonder the pup loves it so!" thought Lucie.

Fall Fever

It was to be the last lovely day before cold weather arrived and Lula insisted on an outside play day (much to Helton's personal delight too!). She had just received a few colorful toys from her Grandmama and was chatting up a storm..."Ai-yi-yi-ya...AHHH!"

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Picnic with Pops!

Lucille was so excited, she and Daddy were to have some playtime at the park. "Watch me flap my arms and grab my toys!" squealed Lucie. Daddy had remembered Lula's favorite toys and a comfortable blanket to sit on. "Look Papa," exclaimed Lucille, "I can suck my fingers and sit up now!"