Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jolly Good Fun!

After a long day of fun and more fun all the kiddos relax for a cartoon. Pretty good lookin' line up too!

Tarzan swinging through the trees...wait that Jer Guy!

Corrie, Ces-a-ma-tess, and Ca-boo!

Lawson, Pete, Ridley, Lu, and Jer! Dan is running around somewhere too. Its his first day in the States and its HOT!

Caleb sizing up the water!

Pete watching....

The cousins against Uncle Joe!!

The Idaho Cousins!

This smile sums up the week....crazy fun! All the cousins clicked and were one fun pack....looked just like we all used to!

Cessills the Pessills lovin' the water!

Red Light! Henry crossing !

Maggie, Lucie, Ridley, Jer, and Petey

Green Light!!!

Red Light! with miss Amelie in the mix!

Uncle Faris with: Petey, Jer, Ridley, Amelie, Maggie, Lucille and little Evie Jane doing tricks!

Little Amelie!

Cecily and her Henry

Maisey and Evie Jane

Baby Foofs!

"hey mom! look at foofs!" shouts Jay (Jer Jr) excitedly! Foofers loves her bee-boppin-music machine!

Jumpin' Jackrabbits its Cessills!
The Line UP!
Whoooooh! Perty Scary stuff!

Many Hands Make Light Work!

I am still posting May-here we are back from Disney and relishing the last bit of cool weather. A family rake day with Papa Jer hauling loads of leaves into the woods, Ceci (Cessie)sitting on a quilt being utterly enchanting, and Lu and Jer muscling in on the action! Our yard was at the peak of exquisiteness, everything in full bloom. Lovely.

Wooing us all to her!

Hubba Hubba whose that chubba?!

Early morning time with Dad out on the tire swing-with little sis watching-she doesn't miss a beat!

Lovin' those thighs!