Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let the Fun Begin...!

I had to come back and add these pics and they go from late on the 31st to early on the 30th. Best of all we got a visit from Uncle Beau and Grammy and Pappy! Everyone trick or treated in Cov and the kids were loaded!

Pappy carrying Lucie's heavy pumkin filled to the brim with candies! this is Halloween!

Handsome Jer!

Kiss those cheeks! I love them!

Thinking guy!

All the cuzzies gathered for a Covington Halloween Fest at the Trailhead. Maisy charmed all in her rootin' tootin' cowgirl costume! Lawson was a brave GI Joe and Jer opted for a new modern pumkin look! Lucille was a fairy and ran around in my old hoop skirt with oodles of tulle and her big wand!

Lucille the Light Fairy! I love this pic!

Lu and Jer eagerly hopped on stage ot help act out a story!

Jeromy is such a surprise...he just follows his Lu confidently up to join in the action!

Here they are doing a Cajun Tale!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday Concerts!

The Covington Trailhead has been hosting late evening concerts. The kids love them!

Water balloons...does life really get any better!

Aye Matey! Watch out this crazy kid will be in your neighborhood soon!

This boy never stops running!

Whose kids are these?! Jeromy and Lucille pilled on stage with all the wild kiddos during this weeks concert to help sing with the band! They were great!

Cousin Kylie Comes!

We were thrilled to have Aunt Dyan and Cousin Kylie come for a weekend! Lucie and Jeromy had a blast showing her all kind of important things like dead bugs, trails, the dead bird graveyard, berries, and various other 2 and 4 yr. old treasures!

We cut up one of our pumkins and boiled it up to make pies, soups, muffies, breads, etc. Lu was quite into it but Jer took one look at the inside and decided he would not help! Too gooey! Imagine that! He is a surprise!

Quickly scootin' out of the room!

Country Kids...

Little Jer loves baby cows...especially when they suck his fingers like they would their mommas udder.
Sweet Puff does a doesy-doe!

The 2nd fair we hit was the Washington Parish Fair in Franklinton. We enjoyed the old cabins, water pump, tractors to climb, and petting zoo!

Lula Belle, Wuffins, Fluffins, Puffins, Lullers, Lu-Squeal, Danger Girl, Faster-than the Wind, Fearless Adventurer, Party Planner, Tea Party Queen, Lucille the Light Fairy!

Muscles, Popeye, Tarzan, Conan the Brave and Fearless, Superman, Wild Man, Tackle King, Tree Climbing Monkey Boy, Faster-than-Lightning, Danger Boy, Chocolate, Yellow and White Cheese Eating Kid, Peanut Butter Ball Boy!

Relaxing with Gram!

Deep thoughts are being shared with Grammy!

Lots of Energy and Lots of Fun!

Pappy and Grammy came for a visit and wowed the Littles with a backwoods pickup drive. We have tons of trails in back of the house and they loved roughin' it!

Art...simply put a must...we cannot go a day without a bit of creative color either with fingerpaints or watercolors! You should see how great the house looks with all Jer and Lu's masterpieces hanging!

Dad is rock solid these days thanks to his PX90 routine! Jer and Lu love working out with him too!

The Zoo is always a fav and we do try and make it fairly often. Here we have a couple of ya recognize them?! Puffins-Wuffins....

and Danger Jer!

An Ode to the Sweet Oven Bird...

One morning we came across an Oven Bird that hit our house and died. So Lu and Jer quickly got Dad to help them bury it in our new graveyard. It is in the side yard by the lovely red berry bush with cherry red flowers...we showed it to everyone and then one day noticed something had dug up sweet Ovie and eaten him-YUCK! Bubs prays diligently for the bird each night still!


Watch out for Big Jer! He is a tarzan boy when it comes to tree climbing! Everyday I hear "Mom, we must climb a tree today!" And so we do!

Lu never to be out done, scales the limb higher and higher...this is one of our favorite tree places besides Grandma's house...the Lakefront Oaks!

Oooo-eeeee girl...she is a crazy chica!

Bonfire season is here and the littles are lovin' every minute of it! Lots of deep talks go on here and singing!

Ahh...Fair October!

Lu and Jer were all smiles at the St. Tammany Parish Fair. After a quick livestock tour they headed for the Faris Wheel...Lu was determined to ride it! Lots of noise, people, lights, and heat...we all reeled out of the park in a tizzy.

Up up they go! Everyone enjoyed this ride...Lu read a book about the fair in January and first got the idea of riding the Faris Wheel...months of patient waiting....!

The pre-fair parade....the cousins join forces to collect maximum beads and candy!

Watching intently, the three are quite a combo of fun and energy!

Settin' a rabbit trap. No rabbit but the carrot was definately half eaten...and not by mom or dad!

Downtown enjoyed the street party and looked at old cars and got painted faces! Miss Kitty and Pirate Jer!