Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Afternoon Adventures!

We all trekked on over to The Garden of the Gods for a picnic and fun. Bubsie had never yet been and he loved the red earth and red rocks.
Puffins dances at Uncle Wilburs Water Spout really is fun and lots of kids are hopping, running, and singing too...but its not so apparent from the angle of this pic! Bubsie and I sit in the cool shade with Anne and Rebecca and chat. Across the streets are chic shops and Starbucks! I call this spot "One stop fun for everyone!"
Ahhh...who can resist those chubby cheeks...such a good sport, Lucille is probably taking away something because it is "dangerous Mommy!"..."oh phewy!" I say and hand it back to Bubs.
Hey Luc! Come here for a pic! "NO" and off she goes!
Abandoned by his sis, but still managing to have a jolly ol' time, especially when Mommy pulls the wagon near some pluckable flowers! Bubs does love a good flower bush!

Summer Concerts!

Downtown hosts a variety of free outdoor concerts in the summer with are a nice smattering of blues, country, salsa, rock-n-roll, and swing. The kids went crazy for the music and green lawn, then to top it all off their is a water spout park in the back and a swing/slide park on the side of the we did it all...but the water was the best!

Bubsie couldn't get enough of tappin' his toes in the cool water (ice water might be a little more appropriate!).
Lucille take a small break and catches her breath... she likes to work Bubs up by pretending he can chase her and he get so excited and pumps his legs and arms just like he is off to the races!

....and she is off!

And singing and squealing the whole time!

Daddy's Water Babies!

For Father's Day, Jeromy surprised us all with swim passes for the community pools around the Springs. So we loaded up and had a blast...although this pic was toward the end of the fun and little Jer was way spent...but the first hour and a half he was a wet, wiggly, little fish. Lucille was beside herself between a lazy river, wave pool (set up like a beach), and a whirled pool!

Lucie braves the waves with Daddy!
Mommy and Bubs come for the "still" water that happened every 15 minutes...and left for the wappin' waves that soon followed.
Bedtime and the Widdle Diddles cozy on up to Daddy for a story.

Lil' Baby Jer!

In order to get the full breath of "Bubsdom" you really must stay "Lil' Baby Jer" with a bit of a country twaing!
Our little man expodes with excitement for the Great Outdoors and is rather passionate about his Lulu (this is how Lucille refers to herself these days!) He has been saying "Ma-ma!" alot lately especially when he wants out of his crib, the Johnny Jumper, high chair, or just needs his "Ma-ma"! Is there anything more enchanting than a a Wee little Weenie calling for his Mommakins?! So now we are working on "Da-da" so he knows how to call upon his handsome Daddy-o!

"Lulu water flower?" "Lulu come?" "Lulu blueberries Momma!" Yes, Lucille refers to herself in the 3rd person all day and is getting quite good at formulating little sentences or "almost" sentences. She is now a popcicle girl! In the morning she helps make then and the afternoons she willingly reminds me we must eat them!
And now Bubsie likes a balloon too! So we are a two balloon fam, but I think he just likes being like his Lula!

Dear Chubsy Bubsy adores his sister and anything she might "toss his way"! In this case a small pinecone that consumed his attention until Lulu noticed how fun it seemed to be for him and then she promptly took it away saying, "NO BUBSIE! Dangerous! Dangerious Mommy!" Naughty little Lulu!

Flower Privileges!

Lucille and Bubsie have endless daily flower privileges, where they can and do pluck every little Pansy from Momma's two pots (only 2 of them though!). Luckily Pansies do seem to bounce back each day so we always have lots to re-pick and put behind our ears, float in the pool, decorate Bubsie with, or pretend they are umbrellas!

Friday, June 13, 2008


The Wee Fergs soaked up their Grandpa this past weekend. Lucille danced, chattered, and squeezed Grandpa nonstop. Bubs put on his best show too with lots of squeals, coos, fingers down the mouth, and dinnertime sqwalks! He especially enjoyed being held, taken outside alot, and walks with his Grandpa. I think we all had a fabulous visit!

Busy Little Babes!

Lucille has taken Bubsie under her wing and now loves to have Bubs join her for a "ride" in her auto. She likes to take his toys and "show him" how they work. Bubs loves any bit of attention she might give him and starts to flounder around when she talks to him or surprises him in the crib after is so cute. His legs and arms move so fast and yet he can't get to is like a Looney Toon...and Bubs is suspended in time about to shoot after his sis!
A little fat babe, a big bowl of warm water, a floppy white hat, and a few chubby flowers nearby to pick!
Good morning Bubsie!
I'm blubby, I'm bald, I'm Bubsie, and I'm the Babe in Command!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bubs vs. the Pansies!

In the late morning Bubs often takes a liking to some Pansy plucking! He just loves being plopped in the middles of a fat patch to pick and pick until there isn't a Pansy left within reach! Such fun!

"Where is my Lucie Momma?! She was just here?"

The high chair has provided new entertainment for the Wee Ferg so Momma can cook in the evening! Distracted little Jer peers out the window to see what Helton and Lu are up too! "Oh Momma, look what the pooch and Lu are up to....I can't wait to crawl and go with them!"

Bubs Bunny!

Bubsie loves to play with Lucille in his crib, he get the biggest kick out of her hopping in with him! He is full of "goo-goo's and aheeee's!" After naps he likes spend time in his room playing with Lucie and being a regular "Babezilla" at our afternoon teas. Lucie loves having us at her tea but Bubs gets in regular trouble for grabbing all the plates and licking the creamer clean!
Lucie is a hoot these days, full of live, fulll of energy, and full of herself! The potty has been mastered and she still loves to give "the happy guy" polks, tickles, and blubbers all the time! Everyday we turn on the "polky" computer and check out her cuzzies. We spend part of the day talking about the grandparents and remembering our May trip. In the afternoons we like to walk down to the "eyelash" bush ( lilac) and pick a few then come home. In the evenings Lucille helps me cook and generally helps with everything saying "Mommy (jump) Helper Girl?" and I reply "Yes, you are my helper girl!" and she dances in a circle till she falls over in a dizzy bliss!

Bubs gets a spoonful of Grub!

The little chubster was not so keen on his first meal or actually any after! Guess Creamy-Delish is really hard to beat!
Happy times at table...Lula loves the company Bubsie loves feelin' his oats by being "up with the Sis" in his highchair!