Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Master Jeromy "Bubsie" Ferguson, Jr.

Handsome like his Daddy! Little Guy Jer radiates his titled "Joy Boy" as a cucumber ready for his baptism at church.
Off to the races, only 9 months old here but ready to romp. "Tally Ho My Brave Sir!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Merilee and Faris Come!

Our good friends Wallace and Anne tied the knot in late September. It was so fun and both Merilee and I were bridesmaids, Jeromy the best man, and we met Merilee's Faris!
For almost 4 years I had been telling Wallace I had found his wife but he laughed it off. Until the Lord opened his eyes to how fantastic Anne was! We are thrilled for this new couple!
Best of all a visit with Merilee and Faris. We approve...he is wonderful and you both make a good match! Hurray another cousin wedding Dec 20th!
Jeromy and Wallace takin' it easy at the bachelor party!

Farwell to Summer...

A typical day in the life of the Wee Fergs! Bathing suit bottoms and diapers! From their "fort" they can properly hale the neighbors, Patty and Marty, who spoil these chillin's rottin!

Lucille loves to read to Bubs and usually remembers a good bit of the story too!
Jeromy Jr was properly baptised the 3rd Sunday of Sept. He was quite handsomely dressed in an adorable suit (pics will follow later). Lucie was not briefed enough on the whole "stage/baptism" event...she was noodle girl!

Practicing with his push toys! Not to be left behind by his sis!
Good Morning Fun! This involves dancing in front of the window for all the neighbors!
Our zoo adventure took a turn for the wild when the big brown bear licked his chops and stalked my two pale, plump babes! This is a great exibit!

Lucille regularly reverts to "Baby Lu" and need to sit in Bubs chair and eat with his spoon our of his containers!

Lil' Baby Jer soaks up his adoration!

Puffins Extrodinaire! Waives goodbye to the good ol' summertime!

Santa Fe

We had a fabulous first family trip to New Mexico in Sept. We started with the Highway of Legends and had a small hike (Jer and I carried the kids most ALL the way!) and got to hear lots of moose calls! Here we are at the top of our 20 minute adventure in and out of the woods!
Next we drove straight into NM and immediately realized where all the Mother Earth/ Father Sky stuff orginates... neigher Jer or I had ever seen a sky that felt to close to the earth or a landscape dotted with platues that really looked like fingers lifting you up up up! This pic was in AngelFire and it was Lucie's job to find a part and each stop and boy did she! We were quite impressed!
We stayed the first night in Taos which was artsy and Bubsie discovered guacomole! But this pic is actually Santa Fe!
Bubs and Lullers prepare for our hike into the wilderness!
Danger girl takes on the slippery slope of a old school slide....

An amazing view from a massive canyon...between Taos and Santa Fe.
Ah can you take to many pics of this guy...nahh!

Here comes our Bubsie-o, he such a little chubsy-o!

Rootin' tootin' cowboy ready to ride! Bubsie patrols the floor from items before we jet on our trip.

Such a bundle of cuddles...with his "B" and Pj's!
"I'm CRAZY Mommy!" shouts Lucie! Who prefers to drink her soup with a straw!

Daddy and his chillins'!

"He's a pullin' up guy!" says Puffy! "Three cheers for Chubsy!" "yah yah yah!" as she slaps her hand on her knees and laughs!