Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sweet Cecily!

We are all loving our cuddly Cecily...she is quite happy in any lap and loves to be in on the action. At night she soaks up her Daddy and takes a lovely snooze in his strong arms.

Silly Jer always moving and full of fun!

This is a snapshot of reality!

But so is this...cozy with Papa Jer!

Out like a light...what better place to catch some zzz's than on daddy!

Sittin' with her Ceci and enjoying a late evening fire!

The Christmas Parade!

After Jer's party we had a lovely day with a tea party on the deck...that evening catching the Ponchatoula Christmas parade and checking out the towns pet gator! Yah! Lu even sat on Santa's lap! Jer opted out!

Jolly Jer's Third Birthday Bash!

Handsome Boy, Gentleman Jer, Muscles, Popeye, Tarzan, Danger Boy, Faster than the Wind, Stinky (brother of pinky!), Bubs,Young Jeromy, Jer Guy! The boy who answers to all these names is none other than the newest 3 year old on the block! Strong and Lean but not mean! And a huge fan of chocolate cake with green ice cream!

Sweet pea joins in the fun!

Cruisin' with his Grammy!

The shock of waking up from nap to find the longed for "green bike" waiting for him...he doesn't realize it in this took a while for him to wake up!

Lullers with her Ceci!

Jeromy had a ripe-roaring 3rd! Lots of fun, and green, and presents!!!

Despite the frownishness seen here...they were all having a ball! What is better than hot dogs and cake?!
Jeromy is a boy of facts...animal facts, nature facts, random never know what he might share! An avid toon watcher, car climber, bug catcher, woods explorer, artist, helper, gentleman, wrestler, cook, biker, tree monkey, and jokester! He never fails to make us smile! We are so proud of our Gentleman Jer!

The Crazy Lazy Dazy Widdles....

Early morning toons...this is what it looks like at our house!

Lucille holding her sweet Cecily.

Not a happy camper! So cute!

Merry Merry Christmas to you all!

Mommy's 31st!

Yahoo! I love birthdays and mine are always fabulous thanks to Lu Girl, Jer Guy, Dad-o and Ceci-flea! We cut down a tree, decorated, and made a lucious chocolate cake!

Young Jeromy cuts helps Papa Jer cut a fresh tree for us!

Hat he is known around here...there is a whole "hat language". Everything from half down-meaning he is all down-meaning he is not here or invisible! And the side calk...when he is full of himself and the front way-meaning he is open for converstation or just chillin! We love this hat boy and his hat ways!