Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She's a Pantie Girl!

A week and a half into potty training and Lucie is soaring with panty delight! Lots of positive reinforcement, dried fruit, and glitzy stickers encouraged her onward through the week! She loves to tell people and I will work in better pics...I thought these we cuter...but they give the general impression! Three Cheers for Puffins! And Bubsie said, "Goo-goo, ga ga ga geeeee goo!" with a fountain of drool in between each baby word!

Sittin' Up!

Little Guy Jer is now viewing the world from a steady upright position..and he's lovin' it! He is a ball of energy that thinks Lucie is the queen of comedy and Helton is a jester pup in his own right. Chuckles galore and non-stop drool are trade marks of this age. Bubsie also LOVES anything of Lucille', cups, name it! His favorite thing to do is grab Lulu's "B" (blanket) and drag it over to himself then eagerly and rather mischievously smile at her and wait for her reaction! Ahh brotherhood starts so young!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Misc. Moments!

Little Jer's first swing in Foley, AL!
Testing the new "chuck wagon" top from Grandpa! A big hit! They both love it!
"Helper Girl" rides with Pappy and thus begins her love of "tractors"!
AHHH the new found joy of bubble wrap popping!

The Cov Cuzzies!

The second half of our Tour de South was Covington. Lots of swims, hammock swinging, cuzzie time, and berries! Thus according to Lullers, " Grandma...BERRIES! HAMMOCK!"
Lawson came over daily for doodle bug hunting and hose fun!
And little Jer was quickly learning to sit up and loved his early morning hammock time with Grandma..watching the morning sun filter through the canopy of green! We also discovered he is a little fish who loves to! (And the cake was a super belated party for Lula who had the flu on her b-day and we had to cancel all the fun.)


Bubsie had a ball and the beach and took naps falling asleep by sifting the sand through his tiny fingers! He was curious about the waves and liked stomping his right foot madly into the surf!

Lu Girl LOVED the beach and went crazy chasing birds, throwing sea shells, and going out "deep" with Daddy!

Adventures with Grammy and Pappy!

I think we can sum up this portion of our trip with a quote from Lullers, "Pappy...TEA! TRACTOR!" "Grammy...KITE! BEACH!" "BOAT! FUN! MORE! Ha haa! (giggling with hand over her mouth!)!

Little Jer was a heart throb of pure "fergalicousness!" He mastered taking a toy and passing it back and forth! Took great advantage of Grammy's lap and flip-flopped the night away proving he was quite the rolly polly!