Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, June 28, 2010

A New View

Here is a view from out front door looking out early in the morning. Lu and Dad head out for the paper and Jer keeps an eye out for varments while eating a few fresh blackberries/blueberries he and Lu like to pick each day.

Pretty intimidating...huh?!

Just meeting the neighbors...ha hah! Not really, just the locals!

A real sunset, this is for you Colorado folk!

Final Goodbyes...

The last two days where insanely fun, biking with Nora and Isaac and having Isabelle and Alias over for hose fun...(lost my camera by then-sorry). Which made Lulu burst into tears as she waved goodbye. Lu wasn't to sure about a move, "Momma I don't have any friends down there!" she wimpered. But I quickly reminded her she had 4 friends and that made it better. 4 is a very important number these days- as Lu puts it, "because I am 4!!" big smile following...4 drinks, 4 taps, 4 laps, 4 raisins...anything long as it is 4!

Jeromy climbed into bed the other night turning to dad said, "Goodnight- ya varment!" This boy is all boy and it is fun!
Another comment by Jer in dressed in full cowboy..."Mom, I'm rootin' tootin' cowboy!!" and cooly saunters out side to kill a few in a days work you know...!

A couple of laps around the park, a splash in the cool water and then a cheerio over crossiants at La Bagette...such fun!
Lu has commented that if Bubsie falls out of bed one more time she will have to call him "Bubsie-Dumpty!" ha haa! For a while there thuds were common enough...followed by Lu yelling "MOM, bubs fell again.!" Good thing their old room had carpet...cuz the new one doesn't!

The Goodbye Zoo Visit...

The littles planned a final visit to their beloved zoo. And decided on a cool treat to end the "hot" day as they called it...ha haa to that! They now know HOT!

Lu scales the daddy deer with danger girl agility!

Sweet Chubs soaking in a last merry-go-round whirl.

Puffins delighting in each minute of it!

Toot toot! Here they come, zoomin' round the track!
Earlier that day we had a swing and a slide...two popular things with the wee fergs!

The swing set will not make the the littles take care to savor the swing.

Boot Scootin Bike Buddies!

The weather was just beginning to get warmish and then coolish again...the kids tried swimming but the hose is perpetually icy cold! More enthusiasm than splashing by far!

Mom and Dad are in full packing mode, just having found out we are moving at the end of the month to Louisiana! Pooped out in front of a toon!

An undies moment...does it get any cuter?!

The most common view of Little Jer on his "zoom" bike!
Every evening we loop around the block making sure to hit all the kids who are almost out of school.

JOY BOY! A blue flash on his bike!

My helpers tackle the backyard to make sure all is left in good order!

The joy of a hammer!

A morning romp!