Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lucille helps me make carrot-celery juice every day and enjoys a "cup with a straw" full of it too! Before I can get the lid on her cup she is begging for "syrup, syrup!!!" and can you all guess what that is??? A spoonful of lemon flavored cod liver oil!!!! ha haa! No I did not brain wash my kid but she just loves the taste of it and begs for it whenever I pull it out of the fridge!!! Priceless!

I gave Lucie these white gloves to dress up with and she wears them ALL the time! Her "glovies and crown" are two important elements to her after nap play time!


For Easter Lucille was given a Ka-zoo! And she toots it the whole way to the park and after Bubsies wakes up to a loud buzzing sister and immediately cracks up into a bright red face with streaming tears...ahhh the right of sisterhood!

Lucille is actually lecturing me on why she should have Jeromy's toys and not share them! I love how the gloves accent her already pointed fingers!

"Love it Mommy!" that is what she says when really likes these "bootz" as Puffins calls em!
Not the cutest pic of her face but check out those fantastic legs! Nothing beats a onesie on a babe!

Happy Easter!

Our "Littles" looked handsome as can be and had a blast at our 2008 Broadmoor Extravaganza Easter!
Lucille made two friends, here is Emma and in the hall running madly was Ingrid...Lucie was the sweetest and cutest!

Our friends Wallace and Anne joined us for our brunch!

A quick family portrait that seems to have similar qualities to others we have taken 1( Bubs gives his famous "profile shot" 2) Lucille suddenly turns into out-of-sorts-noodle child...I guess this is all normal!!
Lucille was passionate about her "Easter hat!"
We all basked in the glorious setting of the Lake Terrace room and behind me was a huge fountain...that Lucie spent most of her time around...that is after eating her weight in berries first!
Little Guy Jer and Momma cozy up by the fire for some snuggles!
Someone is a little too full of themselves here! The whole Broadmoor experience left Lalu in a tizzy of joy!


That is what Puffins-La-Lu likes to say when she is feelin' "outta control" with fun! We started out Easter egg hunt and dying Saturday to avoid the snow that later arrived! Here Luller is covered in her egg decoration stickers, which she prefered to wear!
Busy as a Bee and can't talk now...eggs to dye Momma!

Ahh...the intense joy of sticker mania!
A quick wedge behind Daddy as Lula jumps her energies out!
Early Saturday morning Lucille awoke to a crisp, pre-snow chill in the air and noticed to her delight...tiny spects of color everywhere! Daddy explained that the Easter Bunny had come and left a wonderful trail of eggs for her to find!.....And lets just say hours later that trail was inside again and again and again!

Handsome Little Jeromy gets into the bunny spirit and eagerly wears Lucie's rabbit ears...much to his sister dismay (when she noticed that is!)!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lucille Seizes the Opportunity for CAKE!

Lucille takes this opportunity to quickly stuff as much chocolate cupcake into her mouth as she can physically hold in that small caven of hers!
Bubs enjoys the cozy lap Rebecca has provided! We were invited to Isabelle's 2nd birthday bash this week and that is where the cake originated from!

Little Miss Priss LOVES wearing Mommy's and Daddy's shoes! She can't get enough of it and then after they are on she does her tap dancing jig!
Dinner Date with Dad-o! To kick off Big Jer's upcoming Birthday we kidnapped him and suprised him with one HOT MOMMA! TWO TERRIFIC KIDDOS! and Chinese food! Yahoo!
Lula had a ball with the chopsticks and ate her rice by the spoonfuls...cuz it was white with soy sauce!

Posing in her "plum cute" outfit from Grammy and Pappy...a new fav of hers especially the shirt! She has become extremely shy to comments about her clothing or hat and shirks them!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Littles!

Sweet Puffins with her Hattie! Bubs looking rather dashing

The "Tiny's" playing together, or Lucie dumping out Bubsie's toys!

Jeromy's Acting Debut!

Our church (Village 7) put on The Last Supper for Palm Sunday. Jeromy was James (bro of John ie a "Son of Thunder") and he was spectacular! Everyone was turning and telling me he was excellent and such a surprise. Jer had the most intense role and THE funniest lines delivered perfectly. I wasn't able to get a shot during the performance but here he is in full costume and makeup and fake beard! Lucie looked at her Daddy after the performance and shyed away then saw the sparkle in his eyes and heard his kind tone and leaped with a great squeal of delight into her Daddy's strong arms!

St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Jeromy and Lucille slipped right into the groove and booging to the band behind them!
Daddy was Uncle Sam and I was Lady Liberty, whilest Lula Belle was a tiny Tot sporting "shadies" and her crown!
Bubsies snoozed the whole way.
Our Liberty Tax float was a great success and we passed out tons of coupons and crowns!

Jeromy prepping for the big march!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Lucie loves to "Go!" anywhere, anytime...but especially if it is with her Daddy on his way to the park! They like to cut across the field together and chat!

Here we find Chef Lula Belle taking a break from her Dinner prep and enjoying her Bubble solution.
"How does Mommy make bubbles out of this?" thinks Lucie to herself!

After dinner dishes...always a favorite activity for Sweet Puffins. She finds a bowl of water and a soapy sponge simply fabulous and busily cleans until everything is soppin' wet (this includes Lu too!).

Right now Lucie is infatuated with her brother. She wakes up and says "Hey Bubs (or Chubs!)!" Then runs over to the toy box to find his toys and mat. As soon as we pull out his rattle of choice, she steals it, tosses it over the chair and looks at me and says "Baby's rattle gone?" in a sweet caring tone!!!! Ahhh the joy of siblings and the role of a big natural, I know! Late at night Jeromy often wakes for another sip of some creamy-delish. I try to keep him in a sleepy daze, but alas, Lucie wakes up and says "Mooommmyy?! Baby! Milk?! Mommy's!? Happy Guy?!!!!" "Yes Lu now back to bed!" I whisper, but to no avail and she pops up to attempt a quick scamper into bed with Daddy! Bad thing! Then we sho-sho her back to her own bed and hope she stays. Needless to say Lullers has just discovered the fact that she can pop out of bed as she pleases, it only took 7 months of being in her Toddler bed for this to click! So it is official, Lucie no longer likes bedtime nor finds it useful. Speaking of which this afternoon I was informed that "No dinner Mommy!" "Oh really." I said, "And what would you like instead?" "NO Dinner....LUNCH!" "I get it you prefer peanut-jelly bread (PB&J) to veggies?!" "YES!!!" was the quick reply of Lula matched with a big fat smile of success! "

Handsome for a Living!

This handsome dude loves to grab his pants and yank them up to his dimply knees! Show off!
Jeromy is fancinated with his plump fingers and loves to play with them (whenever he can find them!) and he likes too suck on his fist too!
Rolly Polly Chub-olly!
Wow! How many rolls is that again...I keep losing count!
Ready for our stroll down to the park with Daddy-o and Lullers and "the Pooch" (Lucille's new fav name for Helton!). Toasty outfit thanks too The Indo-Fergs and Nan and Auntie Bev!

Lounging with the Wee Fergs!

Lucille loves a good finding this toy INSIDE! "Crazy!" shouts Lu Girl!
Our sweet girl.
The Jer's catch a few rays as they bast in the warm sunshine!
Puffins can't resist poppin' into Daddy's lap too!
"Tea Mommy?!" inquires Miss Priss as she carefully pours me a drink of her famous "Berry Tea" (this is a hard core berry girl here!).