Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Camping we will go...Hi Ho the Merry O!

" what did I forget?" Lu questions here packing silently!

Nothing makes The Crazies go bizurk like Daddy announcing a CAMPING TRIP!! Yahhh!!

It turned out not to be the best Saturday...a rawther viscous (sp?)cold front moved in and with it unending rain...let me set the mood...damp and cold!

Nothing could damping Lu girls spirits...she was on an adventure!

At first with the rain we had to cook our weenies over the portable fire...Bubs erupts with joyous squealing...."Hot Dawg!"

Bubs was a bit of a portfolio of moods this particular trip...

Over it but brooding.....didn't want Mom to help him.

Miss Muscles! "I am a good eater Daddy....I am going to be VERY strong...gerrr (muscles flexing!)"

A break in the weather...and a quick fire and some hot mellows!

Could Bubs unstable camping moods be related to far too much hot chocolate and roasted mellows?...hmmm one wonders! But hey it is a camping trip!

A reality check...this is what most of our fireside fun looked like!

The camp site at Cheyenne Mountain was great and the rocks under the camp spot where oodles of fun!

Still raining but having a ball!

"I'm cold!" After the last embers died we hung out at the toliets...very sad but warmer and dry..which was worth a lot! Later when we did all pile in the tent, dad and I on the outside, Lu woke up to a drip drip drip on her sweet head (water!) and Jer and I were soaked! Only little Jer stayed dry! By what we supposed as close to midnight, Jer decided that the water "resistant tent" was not "water proof" with all the steady upon looking for our shoes to run the kids to the car we found them floating! AHH! So we thru all the kids and stuff in the car and found it was only 9pm...but we were all wet, misrable, and tired....Lu moaning..."I want my bed Daddy!" So off we zoomed down the mountain to home 30 minutes away to be toasty and dry! But he kids loved it and wanted to camp again the next mommy did loads of wet, smokey, muddy camping laundry and hung sleeping bags, chairs, and pillows to dry! ugh....rain is too much work!

Up, Up, and Away!!!

Colorado Springs is home to THE Balloon Festival and it is fabulous! We woke up super early to see them "lift off" and man the Liberty Tax was foggyish so no "lift off" but plenty of kids and balloons inflating to entertain!

5am and ready to roll!

"Momma, flashlight!" remembers Bubs...he knows when to use em!

This year there was a Noah's Ark that I thought they would love...alas what compares to Dad's donut stop and an inflatable jumping turn in the red castle to the right!

Always a family affair for the Ferguson Liberty others bring their odd...and yet they probably think us odd!

Quite a sight!

Later that evening we went back for the balloon glow...after a serious nap!

They fire all the balloons up and they dazzle the eyes of all on the field...

Here is a is really fun!
Next year anyone!?

Well Little Jer pulled a zoo trip...that means he ate and ate and ate the whole time while Lu was freaked out early on by the giant pink Entergizer Bunny (I think it had more to do the creepy Dracula moon/cloud affect myself!)...."I don't like it Momma! I need to sit in your lap!" meanwhile little Jer says "more...hung-rey!" ha whatever! Pig boy!

A Hummingbirds Garden!

Right before you enter the hippo and frog exhibit at the zoo the is the most lovely walk with a small bridge and a trickling brooke! Lu and Bubs love this place and especially in the late summer when all the flowers bloom and hummingbirds come!

The antique merry-go-round also at the zoo is always echoing off loads of laughter as the wee littles get to ride round to "Wee Willy the Whale with the curly tale...." do all the Aunts and Uncles from the Miltenberger side remember that tune?
Little Lucille...."I'm not little any more I'm BIG! ROARRRR!!! " quotes Lu back quite emphatically! " don't have any littles any more! We are so strong! (picture two tinys flexing then biceps)"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Off to the State Fair!!!

The band wagon as we start off for country fun!

Lucie and her Isabelle!
The petting zoo was heaven for Puff...she petted sheep, pigs, kittens, puppies, rabbits, and ??? well the contrast being Sir Blubs...who screamed the whole time only to have a short rabbit pet then exit rawther quickly!

All is good from a respectible distance...thinks Jeromy!

Pony up! Lucie rides her first horse!

Bubs at various is triggered by denial of the will causing a screech, short run, then collapse of spirit and body!

Splash park fun to revive the weary! Pueblo is 45 minutes south and it was 102 there and 88 here when I got home! Crazy!

They laughed and ran back and forth ending periodically with a plop in the grass for a short break!

What do they talk about?

Ol' Yeller...

Ol' Yeller, Ol' Yeller, best watermelon in the West! (Can you all tell I am heavely influenced by Disney these days?!)

Thank you Aunt Katrina! What a lovely surprise! Lu Girl was delighted and spinned all day!

Sippin' Cider through a Straw!

Well "moothie" or smoothie as all but Chubs calls it! Oh my look at those berry blue eyes!

Breakin' out the mold! Yes it was competely delicious and enjoyed by all at my Weston A Price Meeting!
Ya'll should really check this out...don't think you know me!
Cabbage Apple Mold! (with shredded carrot!) yum yum! Lettuce begin!!!

White Linen Craze!

Nothing fuels the fury of silliness quite like a large sheet hanging out to dry. Hanging so innocent so pure...then spotted! "Hey Bubs come quick!" "Look! Watch me!" shouts Lu as she introduces Bubs to running back and forth through my once white, clean, sun scented laundry!

Full of themselves and awfully funny!

End o August....

Early goings-on at the Fergs! Do you think they might be ready to eat? Late August brough oodles of applies, baskets of bright berries, and long luxurious swings out back! The last of true summer...
Puffins! How we love her!


I'll have one of those and a fried egg please! Such ham-hocks!