Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Has Come!

Each year this morning gets faster and this year all I apparently got was 2 was lost of fun.

Christmas Eve

This day was spectacular and we spend it all outside. Later that afternoon opening some of the family's gifts. That night Uncle Jer read the Night Before Christmas.

Christmas is Coming....

And the Littles cannot wait! We spent Christmas with the Fergs and stayed with our cousins the Indo-Fergs... it was wild time of fun, sweets, and lots of wrapped treats!

Cecils and her Maisey having lunch!

Its official!!! The week before Christmas and she is a walking girl!!!!!!! Yahoo Mountain Dew!!!

Jeromy's Big 4th! Dino-mite!!!

T-Rex everything! Pinata, outfit, cake, toys....this boy is a walking dino encyclopedia!

We made a 3-D T-rex cake complete with creepy dried apples for the teeth! Green of course!

Rosebud "Rosie" Mittens Ferguson joined out fam this December....she is an outdoor cat. So far so good....

Cecily loves her tootoo....and being just like her Lulu!

Learning to walk! And always dressed to the nines with a couple of mardi gras necklaces....always!

Luc has lost her first tooth!!!

Bigger is better and 12 feet of Christmas is fan-tab-ulous! Also raw-ther difficult to decorate!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Travelin' Fam!

Back home for some seasonal treats....all my helpers lined up for quick work and a lick!

On our way back from Memphis we visited Faris and Merilee and saw sweet baby Kate and Henry.

A regular face...all playing out by the mighty Mississippi....notice Lu's hot pink cast!

The famous duck walk in a hotel in Memphis...hmmm...forgot the name!

In Memphis for Thanksgiving at Aunt fun! Lots of street soccor, pie, movies, and exploring Memphis.

An early riser, Foofs likes to make fires and coffee with pops!

Back home after Dallas and Cecily is loving having power over Lu- who is trying not to play but read!

Dallas Zoo!

In Dallas visiting our cousins the Hershmans!

Lots going on...

The day after Cecily's party we had Lu's arm set. She was a very brave 5 year old! Then we whizzed off to Dallas for a Weston A. Price Foundation Conference I had wanted to attend. Jer took the kids to the park and parade. The conference was amazing and so was Mr. Jer for handling the kids solo in Dallas for 4 days!


I'll have to photoshop Puffins in...she broke her arm jumping across a ditch just as her cousins arrived.

Cecily and her big cousin Ethan!

Since Lu was at the emergency room getting her broken arm mended....Jeromy took over as a host and did a fabulous job...wood walks, tree climbing, snacks under the brush, and lots of exploring...

Jeromy had been eyeing the last rose of summer and waiting for it to bloom.. them on Cecily's 1st b-day is was ready and he gave it to his sweet little sis....she LOVED it...this girl takes great joy in flowers!

Hap Hap Happy 1st B-day Cecily!

Cecily delighted in every moment of her party...the balloons, cake balls, berries, presents, and attention! I know that there are way to may photos but how can a mom choose?!