Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Disney Daze!

Crazy fun, worth every penny, an utter blast! It's the happiest place in the world!!!!

On our way out we finally found Mickey and Minny (thank you Jesus!) and Lucie and Jer and Ceci (Cessie) got to meet them in person!

Token tourist shot!

Glimpses of Cecily at Disney proved that she is the worlds easiest most even tempered dream baby EVER! She was a delight the whole time!

Peek-a-boo Cecils!

Midafternoon Must....pop stop!

A great way to revive kids from the dead! "Mom-ma goo!" traslate "he is alive!" Cecily cooos!

Dance party...yes, the coolest way to rock in Lu Girl and Dad move!


Disney World!

Haa! I love this pic....Factoid boy and Lullers (high on red 40 corn syrup cool aidish Fruit Punch...all on an empty stomach! ouch!) She was cookoo at the T-Rex restuarant...bonkers might be a better word! Jay or Jer he goes by both these days remained cool and full of facts basically awe struck at the constant meteor showers, roars, lights, DINOS, and chocolate dessert dad ordered...which we later realized he has not got the stop button for choco like some....he will pass out in the effort of eating every last crumb and dribble of what do I do? Remove most when he hits his first daze....

Ahhh...she is back! this time with more sugar...this is classic "why NOT to give you kids sugar!"

Way to much fun-totally the COOLEST restuarant ever and We'll be back!

Stay calm Jeromy....don't move, there is a STEGEOSAURUS behind you!

Cecils! Watch out!

Just a bunch of Goof-balls!

Lucille and her Mary Poppins....who we met both days...the highlight of Lu's trip!

And she is off!

One crusin' cool cat!

A total natural at the wheel!

Summer Vacation!

After a long tax season and short winter (whoohoo!) we headed East to the Sunshine State. First stop was Grammy and Paps for a belated 5th B-day party for Lula Belle. Then onwards to Uncle Johns (sorry forgot to take pics) which was fabulous then to a scrubbed launch (pic by the water) and finally Uncle Tim's. Uncle Tim loved his Foofers and was full of great entertainment ideas for the kids. We visited a marine life thing and petted sting rays and other things!