Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lots to Do...

Since Dad has finished Tax Season we have kept busy. Here we cheered on the New Orleans Zephyrs on! A minor league Baseball team.

Lazy Dazy Days outdoors, Lu and Jer sit quietly and pick clovers....

Funny since Jer love Ferninand the Bull!

Goodbye to dear Cousin Margie who has once again headed West to San Diego! We shall miss her! This was her going away party...Cee winds down the troops with a story.

Fabulous Fun!

Lucille had envisioned a rainbow cake with pink icing, sprinkles, horses, and a giant #5 candle...well it was delivered with success after 4 hours of baking 5 layers-pink,blue,green,yellow,purple, and orange...coconut flour cream cheese icing yumminess! And a heart shape...of course!

Our Lullers was beaming soaking up all the limelight and friends. Chase, huckleberry picking, hide and seek, presents, cake, and did I mention FRIENDS! We have an extravert here!

Lullers is 5 and yes it is FABULOUS!

The Birthday Girl bright and early. Dad ran off to work then joined us for a late Honey Nut Cheerios birthday breakfast! Lots of water, milk, and juice was enjoyed in the Littles new crazy straw glasses!

Growing Like Weeds!

Handsome Jer...with jelly cheeks!

This could be a senior pic...except for the jelly cheeks!

Ceci-flu daring to be dangerous!

The last of the 4yrs old days! Big smile with a big strawberry painted on her face!

Sisters....the danger duo!

I love Cecily's face! ha haa!

Ahh...babylove! Just makes you want to cover those cheeks in kisses! Cecily loves a hammock with a quilt on it...she coos to the deep shade above!

Sailing- Sailing- Sailing- the Lake Blue!

We celebrated Dad's b-day in Foley with Pappy and Grammy. The kids got a huge kick out of the sailboat. The cruised all over the lake.

Sweet Cheeks in Dad's lap.

Always observing the scene...catching every detail.

Can you tell who decorated Dad's cake? Little Jer! In fact on the way to Foley he says, "Dad pray for no wrecks!" we could not believe he concieved of a wreck let alone thought of it...then he says no T-REXS!!! He was not too sure that a giant T-Rex wouldn't jump out on the interstate and give us some trouble! We are way into DINOS!

A Close Shave....

Jeromy Jr is way into having a daily shave. Lucille got him this kit for his 3rd B-day and he loves it...even before church he runs in "I forgot to shave!"

Daddy's Birthday!

We surprised Daddy with these pics for his 36th. Three cheers for our handsome Dad...who provides such a lovely house, yummy food, and cares for us so much! He is one hardworking, appreciated, fun-loving, encouraging, loving, family centered man. And the best t-rex, kid chaser, sword fighter, wrestler, tummy tickler, blubber giver we know! hip hip hurray for our DAD!

Cecily's Viewpoint...

Cecily likes to be in the mix...wherever the action is she is rarin' to get there. She loves to sit in the cool shade and observe her wild brother and sister. Cecily is good at grabbing large chunks of Lulu's hair and getting a wicked smile as Lu-squeals for me! Their is nothing this little one will not grab...ants, leaves, mud, grass ,rocks..she is a curious babe.

Just recently she has become a hip-riding baby and likes to have a bit of time in her birthday suit each day!

Kissy Kissy!

Ahoy Matey!

Papa Jer took off a weekend in March and we headed over to Foley. Lots of time on the lake and bike riding. Grammy spoiled us with loads of heavenly baked goods and we all returned fatter and happier!

Cruisin' the neighborhood....we hope to include Ceci soon in the bike strollie!

Lucille races Grammy back!

Testing out Pappy's sail boat.

Danger tricks on the pier!

Jer gets a big kick out of the water!

Sweet Cheeks, Babycakes, LoveDream, Pookey, Flu, Cecils, or Babe-a-licious Cecily soaks up her Grammy!