Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Wave of Warmth!

Sunday was reminded us exactly why we live in this cold tundra's cuz when it is warm its fantastic! Jeromy enjoyed a nice outdoor snooze whilst Lu, Daddy, and Mommy played in the yard!
I forgot about this pic, but I just love how "blubby" (thank you Doug!) Jeromy looks!
"Yes, Mommy I need a couple more spoons and a dowl!" shouted Lullers!
"Hmmm...perhaps a smidgen more of brown water is needed to perfect my soup!"
Yes I did wash out Helties water bowl! It was so nice out Lucille jumped for joy to be able to play with so much water! Helton also sends his greetings out to everyone!

"You know Momma, a good cook always tidys up after making a mess of her utensils!"


Handsome Jeromy loves lookin's sharp, wearing caps, and having the binky option.

Wooooowwww! Check out that lug of a guy! Happy after a bath but....
Not in the bath!!!

Notice how Lucie handles this stressful situation...thumb in mouth and remain still till this "party pooper" is removed!

Lula and her Lala!

Cousin Lawson came for a visit this past week and Lucie was beside herself with expectation....well Mommy pumped up the visit with stories and pictures of her cuzzie! Notice the Battle of the NO'S! They we quite a cute duo...Lawson was just as competent with the BV as Lula was with the EV! Here they are claiming cartoon characters!! NO NO NO!
Chef Lawson gave Lucie a few pointers on how he prefers to cook his chicken and broccoli....Lucie flips through her "bookies" to show Lala a fav.

Daddy and Lucie review a daily Lu girl eagerly points to and names all the pictures.

Lawson just nukes a quick cup of tea for his Momma and Daddy to enjoy before he heads off to bed!

Lucille and her Lawson happily get "rollin' on a batch of soon to be hot buttery rolls...which later proved a staple in their dinners!
Lawson kneads the dough to a gooey mass and Lucie grabs the whip to nibble any last bit of doughy goodness she can find!

Open for Business!

Here is a short pictorial tour of our Liberty Tax office. Bravo and cheers for looks great and so far is in the BLACK! (ie...people are coming in and we are processing tax forms!) Notice how I timed this first photo...with and eager customer headed our way!
There are 4 tax stations and one processing room way in the back. Jeromy has set up a cosy waiting area complete with coffee, hot cocoa, popcorn, and a TV! Across from the waiting area is the greeting desk to sign in. Outside is a crazy dude in a Statue of Liberty costume waiving a large sign with TAXES in red so that all who pass must acknowledge us and hopefully remember us too!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Wee Fergs

Here is the best photo captures all of our "Littles'" idiosyncrasies. Lucille loves her red "jackie" and chooses it above all others, she must have a red "boon" around her waist or at least near her, pink booties or "shoose" never leave her feet (except for a "nappie") and a "bowl" of "orange" (yes, always singular and pronounced with a distinct French twist)! Meanwhile Mr. Jer Bear likes, or rather insists on his "cifier" (pacifier in Lula lingo) and his yellow cap...otherwise a rather easy going, jolly ol' chap! And of course...on Momma's and Daddy's bed soaking up a few cartoons!
Hey hey good lookin' what you got cookin'?! Lucie zoned out...thanks to the "EV" (TV)!

Sunday mornings are a Wee Ferg favorite, seeing as Daddy it home all day and has lots of "lappy" room and time to chase tiny hinnies around the staircase! Notice "baby" in his natural blobular state! Just a heavy, loveable chub!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Bath Time!

"Adios Amigo" says Lula as she rolls off, " I heard Daddy say it time for a Dathy!" (Bathie) Jeromy is not too sure about this bath thing...later he relaxes (a bit) and sees potiential for liking it. After all the hub-bub Little Jer conks out...a bath proves to be far too exhausting for this little Buck-a-roo! Meanwhile Lucie basks in the delight of a long soak and lots of bubblies! A lots of things these days end in "ie" so it can be a bit challanging to understand...examples: outsidie, dathie, babie, doggie, cheesie!

Lula and her Jer Bear!

Lucille loves her Jeromy so...she tries to entertain him, comfort him, and hold his hand whenever she can. They are two peas in a pod!

What I do in desperation to keep Lucie entertained on a cold, snowy day....fort/swing set in the middle of the living room surrounded by a kitchenette, rocking horse, box of library books, and toybox (moved to entice her to notice it once again!)....but alas the EV (TV!) is to the left of the fireplace and it is stashed with lots of library DVD's too! Jeromy looks shocked as Momma leaves the room and he realizes he might be hungry again!

Liberty Tax!

We had a few mildly warm days here and so me and the kid-o's bundled up and headed South to see Daddy's new office. Lucille was a great help...testing out the tables with a jig, dancing around the partions, and peeking over Daddy's shoulders to give "her" advice! One week to go...all prayers are greatly appreciated. Jeromy (Senior that is!) is gone all the time getting the office set up, starting to market business to business, and preparing the office for the 2 (day and night) fast tax schools he is hosting. All is coming together and the Lord has blessed us with great help and marketing advice and a fabulous location! Now is crunch time and the jidders of "will anyone come to us?"!!!! In the good ol' spirit of Hollywood and practical application of movie logic, I remind Jeromy that.."if you build it, they will come." Do you all remember that movie?! Field of Dreams...ha haaa! wake up!

ZZZZZZ.....and we did it Jeromy woke up!

We are losing him again!..ZZZZZZ!!!! These days Jeromy loves a good nap then awake time. When he is wide-eyed and ready for fun, he likes to sit in his bouncy chair and observe the ensuing chaos of the house...Lucie climbing tables and jumping on to sofas, Daddy chasing Lu-girl around the stairs, and Momma madly using BOTH hands for a few non-distracted minutes!