Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Visit From Grandpa!

Grandpa arrived just in time for pre-Christmas Hello! Lucille was quite excited to show off her "baby" as she now says. One has exactly two options when you walk through our with Lucie or play catch! Well Grandpa excelled in each area and quickly one his little Grand-daughter's heart! For Jeromy he used a firm hold and lots of hugs!

Ya Want a Piece of Me?!

Our Muscle Man is already practicing "flexing"...apparently this is what all guys like to do! As Little Jer says, "Yo Momma, get a load of this!"
(This guy is growing like a weed! 2 1/2 weeks old and already 10.6 lbs and 23 inches! He is rapidly approaching is Sister's weight of 24lbs!)

Friday, December 14, 2007

St. Lucia Day!

In tradition with St. Lucia Day, were the eldest daughter wakes up early wearing a white nighty and a green crown to deliver hot buns and coffee to the family.... Lucille awoke early this morning to finish preparing her Hot Saffron Buns. She began the process the night before so that she just had to quickly bake them and prepare the Hot Coffee. She tip-toed around the house careful to only wake each family member with the sweet scent of fresh baked buns. After her bun Lucille quickly ran to brush her teeth...still a favorite morning/night activity.

The Eve of St. Lucia Day. Lucie eagerly takes on the task of baking her buns!

Lullers and her Jer Bear!

Lucille has been the sweetest older sis to little Jer. She likes to check in on him and Momma periodically and make sure everything is OK! Jeromy loves his older sis too. He likes to look at her and enjoys all the chatter she provides. Little Jer Bear has some serious "paws" and they are close to Lula's size already! He cannot wait for her to show him how to dance around the tree, play chase with Daddy, and cook with Momma. Right now Jeromy enjoys his creamy-delicious alot...being quite the piggy boy! After a good drink, he will lay relaxed on someone's lap and watch his sister play or stare at the Christmas tree lights. He can already hold his head up for a bit and loves his pacifier. So far Jeromy has been a very mellow, happy, and sweet baby...and how could he not be with a wonderful Father like Jeromy, Sr. to take after!

Thank you Uncle Rod and Aunt Net for the Pat the Bunny outfit. Jeromy says it is quite comfey and already is a perfect fit (it is sized for 3-6 months!).

Handsome Jer Bear

Little Jer finally decided to open his blue eyes and have a little "awake time".

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jeromy Phillimore Ferguson, Jr.

Handsome Wee Ferg arrived Dec 10th at 11:35 PM. He entered the world quick (4 hours) and took the opportunity to show off his mighty lungs immediately! 8.9 ounces 22 inches long

Lucille awoke early the next morning to meet her "Bubba". She was very pleased to see he had a "hat, B (blanket), hair, and eyes" and fixed his blanket and offered him her juice! But he didn't hold a candle to cartoons so she quickly exited! Lula finds him to be a wonderful curiosity and will soon come to appreciate her new buddy!

Pre-Wee Ferg Activities...

Lu girl and Daddy wedged into their snowsuits and joined Helton for a wholping afternoon of cold fun!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Hap Hap Happy Holidays!

I cannot remember the context of these pics...Lula is in her nighty so it was breakfast and something was super funny! Lucie's new apron with a "pockie"!

Puffy the Pup enjoys her "doggie time" on the floor with a bowl just like her "doggie"!
Lula discovers her pockie while dancing in the kitchen with Daddy!
Everynight Lucille passes out the song books full of Christmas carols and then sits between Mommy and Daddy with her "B" and thumb in her mouth. We sing and sing and sing in the light of the Christmas tree, then she pops up and waves goodnight and heads up the stairs! And I realize this kind of bedtime love is not common nor expected with Wee Ferg #2!