Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, February 26, 2007

Greetings from Colorado!

Lucille would like to send out a squeal and sputter of joy! She about to be bundled up for church and then an afternoon with her Pops!
Lula loves to say "Da-da, Du, Tickle, Mom-Mom, and yah, and uh?!"
Her new naughtiness is to scamper over to the big plants (unfortunately there are 3!) and pull up on her knees and dump as many fist full of dirt out as she possibly can before Momma or Da-da grabs her! She is quite quick for this trick and rather slow for most others....guess a baby just needs the right motivation to move!

Sweet Baby Lucie

A lovely profile shot of our Wee Ferg!
"Da-da!" bang-bang hands on table, drop spoon, ..hurry!" Papa Jer takes Lucie out to a birthday party and keeps everything runnin' smooth!

The Evolution of The Crawl!

Lu's got the Travel Bug!

"Ooo Daddy! Can we go here and how about there?" asked Lucie as she tore through the brochure stand at Avis!
As soon as she remembers this stand she bee-lines over to gleefully pull out as many as she can grab!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lala and Lula at the wedding...

Lula and her cousin Lawson had great fun on the floor during the ceremony....lots of toys and a purse to explore provided for a quiet 1st half of the wedding! Older cousin Ridley was very good and made both Lawson and Lucille very excited when they saw him!

Water Baby!

Yipee skippy! squealed Lucie as she splashed and danced in the pool!

The Sleeping Lula Belle!

All the wedding fun took its toll on Sweet Lula...she enjoyed a lovely nap on her Grandma while we all showered Cousin Rich's beloved with gifts!

A Trip North

"Papa, where are we going to fly to?" asked Little Lu. "I-don-know..." laughed Papa, "that's Idaho Lu!"

Daddy and Lucie stay occupied while in flight...that is until Lula decided she was ready for a bit of refreshment via her snoozing Momma!

Lula on her throne!

Lucie is holding court this afternoon and having a ball! "Oh, Momma! Look at Heltie roll over!" squealed Sweet Lula!