Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pink Puffins!

Yes, Lucie is a daring baby...she loves to hold onto the toy basket and to do squats while giggling! She loves to stand and is determined to avoid crawling by working out her legs each day. Sometimes she tries to take a step but the foot order is not quite there. "Ugh...I'm pooped!" says Lula..."guess I better listen to my Daddy and Momma and crawl first after all."

Lucille does enjoy a good sit in the kitchen and a spatula to nibble on. She says she thinks Uncle Po was very clever to have thought to put a chair in the kitchen. "I find I can keep an eye on Grandma and learn how to make that Turkey Soup Papa loves! While sitting on her throne Lucie also is grabing at the pup as he passes, making sure Momma does not sneak out, and waiting for Daddy to arrive!"

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth!

Lucille is all smiles these days and she loves to chomp down on wooden toys with her new tooth! She is hoping for another by Christmas...we'll have to see!

At night Lucie likes to wind down before bed with her Papa and a good book. Right now she and Daddy are 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea somewhere in the South Pacific watching the sea coral illuminate itself in the dark abyss. Watch out for sharks guys!

Give Thanks!

" Hmm...I am not so sure about this. Daddy says it is a delicous turkey and I can see Heltie is drooling, but it looks a bit scary to me." thought little Lula. "I think I will stick to a yummy spoon this year!"
Grandma came for Thanksgiving week. Lula had loads of fun and lots of huggin' and kissin'. Lucie also had her first tooth peak out of her gums!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lunch Date!

Yes, Lula loves to eat lunch with her Pappa. He spoils her with lots of rumbly-tumlbies, blubbers, and newspaper crinkle time. What could be more thrilling than a visit to Daddy's office...well, how about a Lunch Date with Pops at FAT BURGER! Little Lu didn't know what to think, instead of the normal routine of going to Daddy's office she was whipped into the carseat and taken to meet Daddy at at resturant. It was a lot to compute but Lucie managed to stay on her game and win all the hearts around her as she sputtered and cooed at each booth of people. Notice the fantastic profile shot. A lovely, whispy blonde puff adornes her head and yes, this side view is the most common shot of her now. Everything is fansinating and distracting...Lula can't keep her head turned in enough directions!

Momma's Morning Routine...

"I just love routines so much, I can always count on knowing what is next! Take my Momma for instance, she wakes up and I have a little creamy-delicous. Then Daddy and Momma eat while I play with a spatula or tupperwear (depending on what I feel like is most exciting!). Next, Pappa leaves for...well, I am not to sure but he always leaves at exactly the same time each day! Up Heltie and I go to watch Momma tidy my room and hers while I sing. Finally as she gets ready for the day I bounce around taunting Pup-Pup with toys and squeals!" And then comes my favorite part and Heltie's too...a W (walk)!!! Or as I have also come to know it as ...'Who wants to go have fun, who wants to run and run, who wants to go explore and see the la la la!' All I know is Momma and Helton's energy is infectious and I can't help but join in with a squeal of glee!"

Splashtime! Bathtime!

" My Papa is the most fun!", commented Lucille one night. "Not only does he keep me 'squeeky clean' but he lets me play to my heart's delight or until Momma says 'OUT'! I think we both must love the water know I can kick and splash while sputtering! It's a trick only us babies know how to do!"

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Lucille has just received her Indian name...Little Suck-a-toe! She takes every chance to enjoy a toe...finding diaper changes to be the easiest way to quickly pop it in her mouth. She has also grown a lovely blonde mohawk that she feels accents her Indian roots best. Frequent squeals and arm flappings provide for a festive dance routine that praises the pup for his funny tricks! She is truly a little native baby!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thawing...after the blizzard

The snow was furiously beating down the side of the house and piling up in the yard, but alas Jer and Helton were not detered! Lucille and I opted to wait for the lovely sunny day that would soon follow. Wee ferg stays toasty in her blue car seat coat!

Sweet Pea!

"Oh, hello! I was just sharing a laugh with Momma and a game of blocks with my Papa."giggled Lula. These days Lucie loves color and anything that moves (especially her pup Helton!). She is able to get into the "crawl" position but is a bit befuddled as to what to do next! In the meantime, Lucille likes to sit up in order to have a full view of all activity around her (she is EASILY distracted!).

A Movie Star....

"Goo-goo, ga-ga, SQUEAL, ha-haa!"
Translation: "Yo Yo Momma wuz happenin'?!"