Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Thrill of Thursdays!

"Daddy has been surprising me with taking Thursday off! He tricks me by going to the office early. Then when Momma and I get back from our early morning walk with Heltie, Daddy is standing at the front door! Oh I love my Papa so!
This week he took me and Momma to the Reservoir, I had such fun exploring the pebbly sand and climbing rocks. The water was crystal clear with lots of small ripples. On our way home we took the back roads and stopped for some stunning views of Pikes Peak and the Springs. Such fun, although I did snooze most of the way home!"

The Bathing Beauty...

"You know, I hear Momma use the term 'Natural' alot. I feel it captures what I love about Bath Time the most. This is when I feel most like 'Me'. Daddy is great about giving me long baths and the letting me 'air dry'. It simple is the best!"

"Super Baby!" You realize it is wonderful being such a chub-o-licious wonder. Everyday I help Momma by taking some of that fabulous 'Creamy-Delicious' off her hands. She really makes the tastest!"

I'm Lovin' It!

"I just can't get enough of the outdoors!", commented Lucille. "It's alot like how I feel about creamy-delicous...too good to be true!"

Monday, September 25, 2006

Miss Priss and the Coffee House

Lucille opened her eyes after a good, long stretch to find herself going mellow thanks to a groovy tune and a whiff of a House Brew. "I wonder where I am?" thought Lula Belle. She studied Daddy and Momma for clues, but they just cooly smiled and contnued to sip there coffees. Just then she felt Daddy's hands whip here up onto his lap. "Hey check out the cutie with a bow!" said a man as he walked by. The whole room was caramel and lighted glowed. The sound of hyper chatter rang in Lucie's ears as she followed each new sound to its source. Suddenly a squeal escaped from Lula as she felt the infectious coffee air swirl around her. "I love it here, lots of attention and noise!" Lucille reached for Momma's cup to inspect..."So is this what the craze is all about" she thought, "just brown water?"

Grandma Jane's Fabulous Gift!

This is the best invention every and Lucille LOVES it so much. Six different ways to carry your Bambino and all with the luxury of comfort and TWO free for Heltie and one for me!
She pumps her arms and squeals with delight during the first half of our walk and then snoozes the second half!

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Day in the Life of Wee Ferg...

Everyone seems so curious to see what I am up to that I thought Momma should write about my day. First off I like to pile into bed with Daddy and Momma and have a little "creamy delicious" to start the day off right. Then I like either to play in my bouncy chair and throw toys, swing-n-squeal, or my new favorite...the EXERSAUCER!

After breakfast we all like to go on a walk, especially Heltie and me! Momma straps me into the babywrap and Daddy takes hold of Heltie's leash. This was my first chilly morning, so Momma made me wear my "pink puffins" suite.

Most of the day I like to alternate eating and sleeping ( I like a 2 hour nap these days). After a nap and a sip of milk is when I have the most energy to be cute. Lots of squealing, adventures in the grass, and hunting for Heltie are my choice afternoon activities.

When Daddy comes home at night I like to pounce on him! Then he and I play till bedtime. So much fun packed into each's just so exhuasting being 5 months old!

Here I am sporting a nice white t-shirt/diaper combo...definately one of my favorites!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tour de Rockies with Lula!

Lucie in the sky with diamonds...

Cousin Cack and Bets showed up one afternoon to Lu's surprise!

They spoiled her with lots of hikes and hugs. Cousin Ed also joined us all for some fun and a delish dinner!

Mademoiselle Lucille

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm missing my Grandparents!

Lucie says she is missing her Gram, Pappy, Grandpa, and Bon Mama! She sends a smile and a hug to you all!

A little R & R with Grandpa

Grandpa and Reba surprised Lucille with a visit this past Wednesday. She awoke to find two eager faces smiling at her. Lucie especially love her early morning playtimes with Grandpa. They would explore the sofa, go on walks, and have some lovely chat time (or squeal time for Lula!).

Sunday, September 03, 2006


"Lucie, what is that wrapped around your finger?" asked Momma.
"Oh, that's my Handsome Daddy!" giggled Lula!

Lala and Lula!

While in Covington visiting Bon Mama, Lucille enjoyed her daily swim with Cuzzie Lawson(Lala). He had some sporty shades and could crawl just like Cuzzie Katelynn. Lucie was amazed and diligently studied his moves in and out of the water! Unfortunately, all she managed to pick up was the ablity to suck her lower lip!

Beach Babe!

Lula loved the clear blue water. Everytime Papa came up from the waves and blew bubbles she laughed and laughed! Lucille felt a two piece bathing suit would show off her "chubo-lucious" figure best!

Hangin' with the Ferg's

Lucille just got back from a splendid vacation down South with her Gram and Pappy. She met her great grandparents, uncle and aunt, and best of all Cuzzie Katelynn!