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Friday, August 28, 2009

Splish Splashin' Fun-A-Rum-Tum-Tum!

We occasionaly remember to head downtown for music and splashing....our friends joined us this time...Nora in back of Lu. Lucie and Bubs go crazy playing in the cold streams, dancing with other kids, playing rin-around-the-rosie and best of all there is a super cool space age park with crazy swings, slides, twirls, and climbing things-a-mug-jigs! Lets just say it was "TOO MUCH FUN!"

Wooga-Wooga-Boo! translation...come and chase me Daddy!

Nora and Lu just ran in circles nonstop! The fountain is a big circle that slowly turns, the water fall inside the circle and pools in streams that swirl around it!

Here Lu initiates Ring-Around-the-Rosie with Nora, Isaac, Bubs, and 2 new friends!

All fall down! ha haaa!

Little Jer kept up like a big kid and loved every minute...he was always a gooser with whoever was really it in Duck Duck Goose!

Late Summer Nights

This summer we moved one of our tables outdoors to throughly enjoy each brillant moment of summer in Colorado...which I might add is soon ending....the light has changed it is the warmish hue of autumn.
Lots of watermelon, chase, "Ide" or hide in as Bub says, duck-duck-goose, London Bridge, and Ring-around-the-Rosie...even more time on the swings.
Lu and Bub swing a least 2 or 3 times a day for at least an hour or it feels so for those doomed to push and sing! "Son-g!" as Bubs commands!

Summer Showers...

Right before bed a huge hail storm hit and it hailed 3 or 4 different times...Bubs heard the thunder and said (very animated) "BOOM BOOM!" Lu shouted "Quick get the umbrellas Bubs!!!" And they were off grabing umbrellas and out the door to devour every time hail ball they could find!

Cleanin' up Dad!

The truimphant return of dearest Dad called for a little spiffin' up on Big Jer's part...and who else but his "Littles" would rise up to the we have adventures in shaving cream!

Can I just say that as soon as Daddy left to camp at 4pm on Wed...the kids bounced up and down saying lets surprise Daddy tonight...."Well Daddy is going camping for a few days he won't be home tonight." "Oh yah, we know that Mommy!"

Dinner time Wed..."When is Daddy coming home?" says Lu. "Bubs mumbles out "Wait for Daddy!" still not getting it...

Breakfast Thurs..."Is Daddy coming home soon Mommy?" ponders a pitaful Puffins. "Da-da! Da-da!" yells Bubs as he runs around the house looking for Dad with his coffee.
Afternoon Thurs..."I want to go with Daddy camping Mommy!" moans lifeless Lu. "Da-da where?" questions Bubsie as he hold is hands up in wonder.
Friday morning..."I just want to sit Mommy...I don't want to go to the park." Lu utters as she wastes away. "Da-da who?" echos Bubs as he darts to "Ump!" (that's jump on the sofa code language!)
Saturday morning...The Wee Fergs have lost hope of ever seeing there beloved Daddy again..."But this is the day Daddy come back kiddlins!" announces Momma. "No we know Mommy Daddy is camping....."mumbles Daddy's Girl. "But he is going to come today!!!" Unfortunately, Dad is catching a ride and he comes after bedtime...The kids go to sleep thinking Mommy has bad taste in jokes..."But you said I would see Daddy, Mommy!" Tomorrow!!! you will! I reply.
Sunday lay in bed real point to getting up...getting up without Daddy anyhow...but wait...Daddy comes roaring into their room and whips them both up and covers them in kisses!!
"Momma! Momma!"shout Bubs and Lu running upstairs in circles!! "Daddy is here!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jeromy Takes on the Maroon Bells!

The day started mild, but soon hail, lightening and rain at set in at 12k feet with little cover. Chalk one for the mountain and mother nature.

Being above tree line in a hail/lightening storm shapes character, fortunately it lasted for less than 30 minutes. Temporary shelter was provided by Joey Clark. We hooked up a tarp to a few bushes and hiking poles and became extremely friendly with one another. One more for the mountain!

Here are my hiking companions left to right Wallace Wilmont, Page Clark, Jonathan Clark and Joey Clark
1st day skies look mild but....that soon changed.

This is a picture between Frigid Air Pass and Trailrider pass the 2nd day of our 30 mile hike into the wilderness. I was feeling quite refressed after a great night sleep. Chalk one for the hikers.
Here is Page Clark and Wallace Wilmont overlooking a steep cliff.

Wallace works at 11K-14k feet for the cog railway (pikes pike) Needless to say he made his way up the mountains very well. Don't make a wrong step on this switchback otherwise you'll tuble down 1-2k feet.

Lush mountain waterfall at 10k feet

Snow covered mountains in August in the background

Crossing a mountain stream in sneakers is not recommended. We are all feeling much better during the day mother nature gives us a rest and we enjoy the mild summer morning hiking to the top of Trailrider pass.

3rd Day, I woke up and crossed to the opposite side of Snowmass lake, we camped just on the other side where this photo was taken. The lake is crystal clear lots of fisherman the afternoon we arrived.

Looking back at Trailrider pass from Snowmass Lake. Trailrider was one brutal pass (it probably took us 3-4 hours to complete the climb)

More views of Snowmass Lake

Sun rise over snowmass lake

View between Trailrider pass and buckskin pass

Great beaver damn (probably 20-25 feet across) if flooded the entire valley

View of backside of Maroon Bells

This was taken from the top of Buckskin pass looking down on Lake Snowmass on our 3rd day

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Four Friends!

Lu and Bubs have been eagerly showing off their swing set to all there friends!

Lucille planned an elegant tea party for Nora and Isaac serving her famous Mango Tea and hot buttery strawberry muffies!

Time with Daddy!

Besides a new playset, Daddy had spoiled his little guy with a lawnmower!!! and Lucie Goosey with her very own banjo!!! These kids were high as kites...missing Daddy terribly in Covington...and now Dad plus new toys!!!

See Saw Marjory Draw Jack shall have a new master, he shall make but a penny a day becuase he can't work any faster!!
Wash the dishes, Dry the dishes,
set them down for tea.
Three good wishes, three good kisses, I shall give to thee!

"Moore Mamma Moore! Song Song!" shoutes Binky Boy atop his new toy!

Already a good fry cook! "Uk Momma Uk BooBerry pampams!" says Bubs through a Bink!

Da Diddle Dum Dum Dum....La La La Lu Lu Lu LOOO! Lucie is fantastic on the guitar!

On Guard!

Whilest Lu and Lawson played...Jeromy attacked!! He is quite the Mustkateer...notice the stance....!

Marco Polo...on Lawson and Lucie's terms..means you are forever being chased!

A deep discussion with Rev. Joe on the finer points of Toddlerhood...and mean "da hood!"