Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, April 19, 2010

Party Girl!

Lu radiates as she looks over her cake...she picked vanilla (coconut flour) cake, creamy creamy cheese icing with real white chocolate chips layered in between and atop the 3 layers of white wonder! Lu paired the cake with Annie's (super-yum-o) strawberry ice cream and surrounded the cake bottom with sweet blackberries...this truly was a fantastic cake. Not a combo I would have come up with but one of the BEST cakes Jeromy and I have ever eaten! She really wanted a horsie we compromised with a horse on a cake with a blonde girl riding (Daddy's are so fun!)

15 little bodies eating and playing on the ONLY rainy day of the year!!

Pinata time! Lu had filled it with lucious lollies and sweet chocolates!

Look at the Lullers! Quite satsified with the whole outcome! (The horse proved a bit of a fire hazard.)

Nose-tice the new boo-boo...a second round of scabbing for the schnooz...too fast too soon on the bike!

Wearing all 6 of her new bows plus her 2 ribbons...and being quite loud with her whistle...

Mega Fun!

Every boy needs a little Danger in their Day!

and a little more to be safe!

At nice end to a fantasmo-day! These kids are partied out!

The Whiz Kid!

Lucille has mastered the bike in one day! Hurrah! We are still working on her starting off the pedaling...mostly because the bike has growing room. It is amazing though...she is a literal whiz kid!

Our park has a fabulous cement sidewalk loop that Lu took her 2 days to work her leg muscles up to tackle these hills...hills dad and I sweat over!

ZOOM! Was that a pink flash!?!

We took dad to our fav bagel spot right at the intersection of Woodman and Academy....Woodman will be a bring over Academy soon. Lots of diggers, dump trucks, and cranes...super dooper cool!

Testing out the Ol' Bike!

The Birthday Brother got a helmet and horn for his bike too!

Watch out these whizes will be in your neighborhood soon!

Jer Guy gave Lu a couple of bubble wands for her b-day and they are crazy fun!

Love at first sight!

Overcome with b-day glee!


I had no idea how big a deal 4yrs. was! "Say goodnight to the Big 4 year old mom!" I was told! We celebrated the 15th with lunch at Lulu's fav. Chick-a-fila! Jeromy felt he should have his birthday we decided he could be the "Birthday Brother!" It worked...he was happy!

Dancing the Bee-Bop to Grandpa's singin' card!

Jeromy LOVED his new car shirt..thanks Grammy and Pappy!

Uncle Hank and Aunt Cheryl thank you for the lovely pink puff with heels...Lulu loves being a Pink-Puff and always wears her heels in the mornings!

Tearing open Grammy and Pappy's outfit...she loves the zoo! Thanks Gram and Pap!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Receiving B-day Calls!


Lulu and Jer when thrilled to see their baskets filled and a trail of carrot bites out back. Blackberries and blueberries and dart guns!!! Yeah! After the basket surprise they headed out back for the egg hunt! Which continued all day as we re-hid them!

Easter Ups and Downs...

We started with a beautiful Easter weekend, best weather since Lulu was born. The kids dyed eggs outside and decorated each with lots of stickers...thats the high point...

Then there was THE FLOATER. Mommy went up to put things away and noticed "Vanilla" had passed on. Lu was good at practicing her sadness in the mirror (!!!) and Jer for days kept walking in the bathroom saying..."My fish not dead!?" with both hands turned up! Lu opted for the "quick flush" and away when Vanilla to another land....

But right after the "flush" we piled in the car for a fish and came home happy as ever with "Puffins" who is alive and well and if fish have personalities (which I now believe) Puffins and Chocolate get along superb whilst Vanilla and Chocolate definately had issues. haaa haa!