Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, July 05, 2010

The New House

For all the extremely patient folks out are some pics. The front yard was in an earlier post...I still have to get a few more...for it is lovely and we have a circle drive with a dense wooded section in the middle. You cannot see the road from our door or the house at all from the road. This is the view out the back screen porch.

This is the view to the left of the last pic seen and the carport is on the right of the last pic. Out here are the blueberry and blackberry bushes.
Luller's and Jer Bear's room.

The stairs go up to a small loft with big right now. Their is a bathroom shooting off here and also opens to the mail room.

The house is a long rectangle with two lofts above each room. The other loft spirals down to the room you see Big Jer in...and he is walking into our room.

View from front door to the left.

Straight on is the back door going out to the screen porch and the 3 windows over look the hammock and shed/gargage...we love eating breakfast and watching "our" bunny eat outside too!

View from front door to right. See kitchen shoots off.

Thanks to Uncle Hank and Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Eugenie we have quite a sophisticated room! And Cack for the dining table!

Back of the kitchen is the laundry room and the sink (opposite stove) have 3 big windows looking at the screen porch and hammock section of yard. Views everywhere! In fact above the table are two sky windows...lots of natural light and green!

Our room with three shady windows and a bathroom behind me taking the pic. Thats about it, it is a great house and we are enjoying every bit of it! I will get some of the front its grey with a red door and porch as wide as the house is. A master gardener lived here and so you never know what will be blooming around each corner..things I have never seen!

Zoomin' on the Lakefront!

Lucie and Jer Guy loved the Lakefront with the park, trails, trees to climb, and water to watch...they even spotted half of a dead catfish floating...only to be topped the next day by a flatted rabbit on our road!

Whirls of fun! Sicking!
Danger Girl scales the oak calling on her inner Tarzan...side note...Little Jer has dropped Superman for TARZAN!!! He loves the old black and whites! Uncle Joe- he is working on his Tarzan yell!!!

The Foursome...

Focused on eating! Lu and Jer host a small dinner party with Lawson and Maisy. Their first guests!
"I like em...what are they?" asks Bubs in a trance. "Fireworks!!!" shoots back Lu in a trance! We were quite impressed with the show Covington put out at the Bogue Flaya Park! Unbelievable hot and swelting...not a blade of grass moving.

You Want Some of This?!

Jeromy shows off his "Popeyes"!! He is one rough-n-tough cowboy who is a never ending fount of threats! "I will take my veggie and throw it at you! Oh I don't know dad I am pretty fast...I will jump on your belly! I will get a long stick and poke you..haah!"

Aunt Laurie opened up a new swimming world to Lu-n-Bubs with goggles! I don't know...ya think this kid is excited! She won't take em off!

Pistal Packing Cowboys their tough and their fast..their Lu and Jer....their the strongest kids I know...

"We are cowboys today Mom!" Lu announces as the enter the room!

" Momma! I am Rootin' Tootin' today!" "And I will shoot you up, then beat you up, then throw you outside, and poke you!" (This is for real...this kids really is full of have to be tough with Bubs around...he LOVES wrestling too!

All Aboard the Foley Expess!

After a speedy move we headed to the other LA (Lower Alabama) and caught up with the Indo-Fergs! We have to soak these cuzzies up when we can!
Pappy and Grammy had lots of fun planned with a train museum, hot air balloon festival, and swimmin' galore! Not to mention oodles of homemade desserts! YUM-O!

Out with Dad! This time Jeromy loved the boat and he and Lu learned how to paddle!


We dared to do the zoo one evening when it was hosting a late night visitation. Lullers was crazy with climbing big ol' oaks and Danger Boy Jer was not to be left out. This zoo may not have hippos but we do have rhinos and GATORS!!!

And don't forget the Merry-go-round! A Wee Ferg Fav!

Berry Good Times!

Lu and Jer headed out early this June morning for blueberry you can see Little Jer isn't sure about this venture...until he was popping with berries in his basket!

This kid ate most..."Look Mommy a berry!" then he gleefully pops it in his mouth!

Sweet Lu sings as she picks!

Each day the littles head out twice morning and evening for blackberry picking...then they come in to share the bounty! YUM!

I spy with my little eye two berry happy kids!