Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Momma's Little Helper!

Lucille loves to help....if I sweep she says "uh-oh Mommy!" and runs to get the dust tray. If I open the dishwasher she runs over to help unload it. If I have a drink she picks it up so I can have a sip. If I begin to cook she grabs her chair and climbs up to investigate the scene....not as much of a cook as a taster these days but she willingly delves into whatever I start and adds a "hmmmm...." because she is quite sure it will be delicous! On a naughty note, Lucie likes to take her crackers and run into the living room and stomp on them so that later when Mommy comes in all I see is confetti! Taunting Helton with delcious snacks is always a fun afternoon activity as is eating an apple off the tree and waiting to come home to spit out the fiber all over Momma's clean floors!

A Sweet Still Moment....

A recovering sickie, Lucille takes it slow by reading her new favorite Library book with Daddy....Peak a Boo! Over and Over and Over..... Lucie has one other fav called Blankie that she adores and if you pull it out she says "uh-oh" and runs to find her blankie before the story starts!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Little Sickie!

Sweet Lullers loved her first day of MOPS (mother's group at church), she is such a little social butterfly. Unfortunately, she caught her first cold of the year from some vagabond child. Day 3 of the Sickie's cold she helped Momma pull out pumkin seeds and found it gooey and wonderful!

Fast Walkin' and Sweet Talkin'....

Lucille begins a crisp fall day with a yummy breakfast then she races outside to have an early swing!
Afternoons are wonderful especially with a suprise lunch with the duo share one of Lula's favorite hot mid-day activities..."Daddy...ic, ic (ice!)!" Lu girl is always trying her best to spice up Helton's dog food...she feels he likes her special additives!

Snacktime always no matter what includes Lucille graciously shares a delicous piece of peanut butter bread with her lovable "dog-gie!" Later a she decides to keep the rest and try eating against the "woll" or wall!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tag...Helton's it!

Lula belle loves to whip around...yes whip! The faster the better and nothing beats a one-sided game of tag with Helton!! A screetch of joy as she clobbers him then turns and runs straight for Daddy or Mommy's legs (I think we are base)! As you all can imagine, Helton is thoroughly UNamused and not a team player!!! But regardless Lu girl can't get enough of this game or her beloved "doggie"!

Lucille is facintated by electronics...phones, TV clickers, camera (as seen here) and any computer mouse.

Tarzania Baby!

Lucille awoke and went through her normal routine then buzzed out the back door to explore...all Daddy and Mommy heard was a "ha haa!" a real belly of a laugh and then she whipped in the kitchen to grab us! The previous night someone had lent us this fabulous play set and Lula was asleep when it arrived! Needless to say she is the perfect size for it and plops in the seat to swing or climbs in her "tree house" to play!

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Petting Zoo at the CO State Fair!

Our fearless little Lucille bounded into the petting zoo and that was just the start! Piggies, kittens, puppies, baby goats, and other kids.....she was beside herself with glee! All those long afternoons of reading books paid off as she realized "Oh Daddy! This is a piggie (snort snort) and this is a cow (mooooo) and here is a horsey (neigh!)"....yes she was a wild woman. In and out of the petting zoo twice and down the corridor to the cow, horse, and lama. Why I don't think she even looked up to see if we were around it was just bee-lining it to the next animal that she could pet!