Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, October 23, 2009

Party Kids!

Rylan turned 3 and hosted a rootin'-tootin' funtastic party! Balloons, chase, cake, and balls!
Cowboy Jer watches Mrs. Clarke fill him up a balloon to let whiz!

Bulldozing Lullers was the token girl aside from Rylans chubalious sister Baby Caroline.

Chase with Mr. Clarke!

Here come the boy!

Tractor Jer toting his trusty lawnmower!

Dizzy crazy kids...a fun bunch from sweet homes.

Back at our ol' haunt the Springs Zoo! Lu sporting her new fav hat made by our neighbor Miss Marty.

Brave Jer loves his birds! "All by myself Momma!"

Little Jer can NEVER get enough books...just like his "Lu"...they literally absorb them!

Not Littles Any More!

"Momma, you don't have any Littles any more!" "We are just Big Kids now!" ha haah! chants Lucie and Jeromy! "No littles Momma!" repeates little Jer with a binky in his mouth! This is what I hear every day! So remember all...they aren't littles any more!!! The kiddos and I headed to the Denver zoo to check it out...they have lots of free days too! Bubs was enthrawled with the duck ponds scattered around the park..."look ducks! Momma!"

Lucille trying her best to help her "little sweet" by telling him what they are doing and called.

What is this girl thinking about? Come back to us Lullers!

Hippos are very dear to Jeromy's heart...his favorite animal and like his favorite color orange...except anything is orange he likes! By the way...his is 3 1/2yrs old if you ask!

Choo Choo...chuga chuga! toot toot! The Denver zoo has a fabulous train ride that takes you through duck ponds, "mingos" (flamingos), carosauls, and past hippos and rhinos!

The giraffes are Lu and Bubs choice for a good time at the merry-go-round...they had to ride in this order too...Jeromy would not sit too close to this long necked guy!

My helping guy..."What you doin' Momma?" "Help you!" "Careful Momma!"

Luc and Jer get a taste of the wild west and get the usual crazies doing so!


We are just finding out all the fabulous free days the Denver Museums and Zoo offer! So this particular Saturday we headed North for some Prehistoric fun at the Museum of Natural History and Science, and a lovely picnic at City Park.

Jeromy loved these big guys! "hewg!" Lucille still talks about he "snow bears" and animals she saw. We also found a poison/healthy mushroom exhibit...which the kids got a kick out of, finding the mushrooms in our "forest" on display as eatable! (no we did not eat them still!)

The littles ran from dino to dino and never got intimidated by the size...of course it is all somewhat unreal to a Tiny 1 and Tiny 3!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Festivities...

On the southern end of Garden of the Gods is Rock Ledge Ranch. We headed over for their Fall Fest and Pumkin Patch...all the time Lu narrating to Jeromy just what exactly to expect..."Now Little Guy, you will have too much fun...on hayrides, slides, and picking pumkins!" "Can you say pumkin? 'Pum-kin!' "yah!!! Did you hear that mom and dadders? He said pumkin!"

Pistal Packing Lu Girl!
Watching a "moo-moo!"

Lullers first face painting!

Dazed at the maze!

Here she comes!

Rolling along!

Snack attack!!


Old Colorado City's Greatest Pumkins!

Lunch with crazy guy Jeromy!

Three straws at!

Sweet boy...bad to the bone!

Terrozing his sister...who perfects the moap!

Autumn Glow...

We took a short trip Westward Ho! to see if the Aspens had changed...a wee bit early but still fun. The kids ran around and threw some "uge rocks" according to little Jer and had a blast!

Waiting for our Daddy-o out front!

Atop Mt Ferguson!

"Saw-sauwg" the kitty...frequently appears around the house...mewing for milk and tickles!