Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Heat is ON!

Summer has come and with it long days of cool breezes, hose priveledges, popicles, bike strollie rides, pool time, frequent zoo trips, park runs, and lazy dazy mornings!


Last Friday we loaded up the car and took off for Cheyenne Mountain State Park! Actually just below NORAD so very close to home...just in case! The kids danced all day with there backpacks and net...finding that a backpack hinders a variety of tricks on the sofa!

First things first...Lucie, Dad, and Little Jer made quick work of the tent.

Yes, that is a blowup mattress...and yes it was a fabulous idea!

Ahh...snack time already...what good is a campin' trip without lots of de-licous snacks?! Otherwise known as "Beer-Thirty!"

Helping Boy takes charge of rinsing the cups with dad!

Adventures await in the Great Outdoors...Tally Ho!

Flashlights steady...what was that!! Coons!! Bears!!! Snakes!! And lots-o-rabbits and crickets! Two Wee Ferg favorites!

Atop Mt. Ferguson! or a rather amazing climbing rock!

Hmm...perhaps a little too crispy thinks Lu Girl!

Face it...this boy loves his Hot Chalkie! It turned him into a tyrant as did the marsh"mellows" (ha!) for Lucie!

A quick distraction...take the cup and quick give him a marshmallow!! Which Bubs proceeded to eat as a sucker with gusto!

One of our views!

Lots of running down trails!

Ooodals of wild flowers this year...all hand picked by Bubs for his Momma!

What did I say about never knowing when a wee ferg will bust a new trick! Whalllaaahh!!


"GROWL!" snarles little Guy as he repeatedly attacks Lucie in the tent!

Outback with their flashlights, sleeping bags, and cateens full....Lu and Bubs take off to "Wooga Wooga Boo Nature!" (that is the extremely scary phrase we use to frighten everything!)


Okay the real deal is they loved it except for Bubs really was banging on the car at dark to go home! We did have "facilities" super close...which was terrible because "quick try" girl thought it her every 20 minute priveledge to "go"..."Ahhh Lu you do not have to 'go' just because you took a sip of water!" "But Momma "QUICK TRY!!!""!!!

No one fell asleep till many noises, songs, crazy children bouncing off of everything! It was misty in the morning so after a short hike and this is 6am now!! We packed up and headed to the Old Colorado City Farmers Market...then home for some powerful naps!

Two Spunky Monkeys!

The evening "sillies" come out daily...always laughing, teasing, running, and just in di-dees or panties!


(insert Tarzania yell here!)

This was an extra special zoo day...Robby (right) and Rylan (left) came with us and if that wasn't enough the zoo train was working too!!!! The first time (which is here) Bubs was not so keen...the times after have been wrenching a crying child off the train! He LOVES it!

Lu engineers the train and usually Ol' Bubbers does too!

Patty Cake Patty Cake....

Mrs. Pat our beloved neighbor...who spoils us with yummy sugary treats, jams, scarves, and purses (for Lu Girl) once again sent the Crazies spinning with delight as she handed over the fence mini angel food bundts and strawberries!!!

Bakers Man! Make me a loaf as fast as you can...poke it, punch it, and slap it with your hand...and put it in the oven for it to taste grand!!!

WWWOOOOOWWW!!! AHAHHH!! Trick Boy at his best! You never know when a Wee Ferg with bust out a new trick!

Yogie Bear....!

My little man Jer loves his "yogie" and making funny faces at his constant audience on demand!

Two weeks ago I took this pic and Muscle Boy needed he just did it over and over by HIMSELF!

Puff loves her "spinning dresses" and a good kite does Little Jer Bear.

Dad and Lu find the perfect puff of air for there Pooh kite! Bubs relaxes in the "strollie" with Mom!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fridge!!

Chilly Beans, Raindrops on Lulu's roses, and sweet Sunshine Juice made exclusively by Lu & Bub!

Can I just say "Who forgot to send Colorado the memo on 'It's Summer'?!!"

Delightfully Exhausted!

Packed tight, happy to be heading home, and ready for a big nap!

Dad leads us Westward HO!
We got to great visits in with Gigi and Nan...cupcakes, swings, swim, and doodle bugs at Gigi's and dinner, cuddles, and guitars at Nan and Aunt Bev's! Thank you all! We had so much fun!

Marble Falls Marvy Park...

We spent the last few days with Dad and Reba at Horseshoe Bay...long swims, parks, tree climbing, duck chasing, noodle slurping, and bug hunting...good times!
Uncle Sam and Aunt Mardie came for a wonderful afternoon visit and it was great to catch up with them too. From here we headed North to Big D for a last hurrah with Gigi and Nan!