Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Locked Out!

Carrying on a family tradition of securing the door and thus securing Lu and Jer will play outside! Gotta soak up that sun when you can...I am peering through the sink window and making lacto-fermented condiments and soaked bread!

A Fred Astaire in training...thanks to Lu's plethora of dazzling heels! What boy could resist?

A few quotables...

Lu entering the kitchen sees the crock pot on the counter and pushes a chair up and lifts the lid looks in..."not my favorite" lightly said under the breath as she clanks the lid, climbs down and sulks out! I just about died laughing and had to turn so she won't see...what was it? Beans and rice!

Outside on the deck, a sunny brisk afternoon with lunch outside...Jeromy looks at Lucie and says, "What does the hippo say?" Lu replies...then asks "What does the giraffe say?" Lu replies...then he continues "What does the Jeromy say?" Lu and Mom look bewildered at each other..."Yeeha!" yells Jer! We all fell over was a clever joke and a superb delivery!

"No poo ever again Mom!!!" I like to think of potty training Jeromy as 3 steps ahead and 2 steps back!

"Busy Mom!" favorite quip as is "Jeromy not a baby dydees!"!

"Cowboy braids! I have to wear my had today!"

"Mooommm...have you ever seen an elephant fly and land on a frog?" smiles Lucie...she loves crazy hypothetical situtations right now...they are endless and endlessly creative!

"Bye Da-dee!!" shouts little guy and "ugs!" (hugs!)

Outside around noon playing in the warm light with the hose..."What are you making Lu Girl?" Lu looks up then down and replies "awful soup"!!! Guess we been eating soup too much?! ha haa!

Chocolate and Chocolate Vanilla!

Well folks little Jer did it...a #2 in the big potty! yahoo! So true to our word, Dad and Mom and Sweet Lu headed out to find us a couple of goldfish! (We are in high bribery mode here!!) Jeromy did not seem to care when I told him if he went he got a fish...but sure enough he did hear it and the next day he did it and said "Got fish Momma!" with an ear to ear grin!

Loaded and ready to roll...these kids bring so much joy to folks as they shop about town! Lots of faces light up when they see these two hombres enter!

Not one to dawdle..."hurry" commands Lu!

After much delibration Jeromy picked an orange fish and Lucille a pink one (both are they favorite colors!). We came home and they introduced Chocolate (jer's fish) and Chocolate Vanilla (Lu's fish) to their new home....which is actually in the upstairs bathroom. I do open the shades for them in there and why so far away? Well "Mommy Jeromy need to pet fish!" says Jer!!! It is the safest course for now!


Early the next morning Dad heard Lucie run down and we all scampered out of bed to follow...we had caught a coon...wait, it was the puppies! The puppies are, as you will all recall, chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate, and chocolate chip! They must have been chasing that ol'coon around the yard when he tricked em into the trap!

A Jolly Good Day!

January has been a bit warmish and wonderful...lots of nice mid days to pull the ol' hose out or bubbles. Nothing gets little guy sillier than lots of soaply sudsy fun!

This is Lu...well all I can say here is "cowboy braids" the only way she'll wear her hair these days...with a pair of boots and a cowgirl hat!

Busy making "poo-mud" yes, kids are natural poo comedians...everything is funnier with a little poo humor!

The trap is set, poo mud-check, trash-check, yard rubbish-check, now we just wait....this is a coon trap!

Pishque Pishque!

That is the sound of Jeromy shooting his gun...what he does ALL the time now...everything is a gun! Lu is doing her sisterly duty of teasing him!

Lullers, just hanging out like one cool cat! We accidently found the most marvy climbing tree! In our park no less! So we have a swing, a slide, and a climb when at the park!

Aunt MOL-LEE!!!!

Here we all are atop Pikes Peak 14,101 feet high , me the only car sick one, 55 F down in the Springs, -7F atop the Peak! Yikes....Lu and Jer squealed with cold only running into the gift shop for hot chocolate then out to our car again...But Molly got a good walk around in!
Dearest Aunt Molly has come to market for us in a liberty costume and she is spectacular at it! Lu and Jer are thrilled to have her here as we all are!

Handsome Jer delighting in the moment! Later that day Jer locks us out...he'd been fooling with the locks! But Aunt Molly came to the rescue with a key! Molly is incognito at the office, no one knows she is our cousin or staying with us....but some have noticed that she seems to always know what Jeromy wants if using telepathy....otherwise known as a breakfast/dinner conversation over up!
Did you all know I had a pet bunny? Yes the sweetest, cuddlest bundle you even did see...a Lula Bunny to be more specific...she only eats rayzees or cheezy chips, very picky but oh so dear!

Christmas Wonderland at the Zoo!

The last few evenings we were able to go see the zoo lights spectacular...the whole season it had been far to cold to dare. The kids loved surprised them with burgers and shakes then on top of that the ZOO!!! Lots-n-lots of lights and boy were those tigers, bobcats, and hippos movin'! Both times we went we all were stuck at the hippo exhibit for at least 1 hour! Little Jer just couldn't get enough "hippo eatin' guy, hippo drinkin' guy, hippo talkin' guy, hippo playin' guy"! Oh and the hot chocolate was a huge hit too!

Dadders relaxing in our newest edition...fabulous if I may say so!