Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, July 30, 2007

Chef Lucille!

Pardon the parental bragging...but this kid's got a great smile!
Chef Lulu is busily whipping up her latest concoction-baked chicken, stewed sweet tates, and microwaved hot buns. Jer and I were suprised and excited to find this little kitchenette for our Lu-Leigh! She absolutely adores it and we absolutely adore our new 20 minutes of freedom! Looks like Lu-Belle and Cuzzie Katelynn will both be great cooks one day! Perhaps we could arrange a recipe swap!?

'Ears to the Corn I Love!!!

"Ah ha haa! I hear Lawson likes his corn cut up, and Ridley doesn't like to get too messy, and Katelynn isn't sure about eatin' the cob yet....well nanny nanny boo boo to all my cuzzies!!!" said our corny little Lucille! My those taunts come early!
Jeromy just handed Lucie an ear and let her go for it and boy did is the whole corn cob or nuttin' for this little Tike-et!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back Home with the Pup!

"Well I would just have to say the trip was bunny grahams are or fat grapes....fabulous! Momma and Grandma took me through a pass and I coasted on top of the Rockies then...hmmm....I think I zonked out...oh well....Daddy comes home soon and that is all I care about! Daddddeeeee! I love him so!" reflected Lu-girl on her adventures and missing her Papa.

Outdoor picnic!

Grandma granted Lucille "grape privileges"and needless to say that was way too wonderful for this little bambino to handle!!

The daring Lu-girl scales yon hill and basks in her glory!

Undaunted by the large rocks, Lula pursues a precious grape.
"Oh Mommmeeee!!" shouts Luc over the white water...."are those more grapes!!"

An Adventure with Grandma!

Grandma came in town while Daddy was training for Liberty Tax ( our new franchise) and we girls loaded up and headed off for them thar hills! Lula lasted...oh...15 minutes and was out for a good portion of the trip. We had a few stops the first was a "crick" (ha ha Mollo! we have em' too). Lula was not sure what to think of our rocky island....

Estes Park at last! Lucille was more than ready for a stretch of the legs and some she poses in what she feels most reflects a "Western Babe's" outlook on raw nature!!

Monday, July 23, 2007


"Not only am I walking but I love to do the baby jig too!" commented Little Lu-girl on her new feat of "strutin'! "Watch out Ridley and Lawson I'm fast and I'm ready for chase!"

Summer days....

Lucille loves to start the day out with snuggles, then a romp through the cool green grass (always a couple of paces from her fearless leader..Helton the brave), then a long, leisurely swim that sandwiches a short afternoon nap, a couple of times up and down the stairs, a snack outside (of course!), then a lazy chat/sit with Daddy-o on the back porch while Momma gets supper ready! "Ahh...."says little Luc, " isn't life grand!"

Sprinkler Fun!

Lu-girl loves the water and is quite happy to sit by the sprinkler and run her hands through the cold water....until it moves of course!

A' rompin' in Aunt Carol's yard!

Our friend Carol, graciously let us stay at her house while we waited on our new house. Lula loved her yellow ball and enjoyed her daily excerise with Daddy around the yard!

Strawberries and Curley Fries!

Yes, our Lula has discovered summer berries!! Here is a typical pic of her downing an entire strawberry...(so juicy Uncle Po that Momma had to show me how to slurp up the bounty!) ha haa! a joke for pobs.
"Wow!" "Daddy these are incredible...what are they again?!"

Unfortunately during our move Lucille got a rapid introduction to fries, natural "Cheetos", and strawberry bars.....a little bribbing never hurt!!