Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Day for Da-da!

Sunday was handsome Papa Jer's birthday and we girls celebrated it by taking him to Boulder!

Bonnet Babe!

A most enjoyable warm spell came and went this past week. Lula took advantage of her new hat to explore the yard. Later we see Lucie checking to see if the "coast is clear" before she dives into her favorite snack....which she just found in the diaper bag...."I hope Momma's not anywhere near" though Lucille, "Maybe I've got time to pop a few fruit bites in!"

A Morning Stroll...

"What's a morning without a little fresh air?" remarked a entergetic little Lu! A couple of necessities for a buggie ride include a very cute hat, movie-star sunglasses, 2 toys ( one to eat and one to wave at anything interesting), and of course a fantastic pup to escort "yon bebe" on an adventure to remember!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday Evenings with Lula

Yum yum Lucie LOVE cottage cheese and also schmearing it everywhere! Ah-ha! mess-pot alert on the porch!

Catching up on some huggin' with Da-da!

Before Bed

Lucille loves a story with Pops before bed...this is her "face" of cute!

Luc is on the loose!

Hmmm...what's that?!

Now that Lucie likes a bit to eat she has joined Helton on his every optimistic campaign to beg!
Two weenies...if you hold a cracker too low-Helton snatches it...if you hold a cracker too high Lula snatches!

Awww Pops!

"I want more!!!!" Lucie was not her best at dinner!
You aren't really going to make me wear this are you Da-da and Mom-mom?! cringed Lula...

Hey Look! Lucille scales the pup, who seemingly doesn't realize whats going on!


Nothing beats a bath...Lucie gets giddy with glee when she thinks its time for a dunk! And here we have a sleepy head not ready to get up yet...!