Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Jer's!

The "happy guy Jer's" as Lucie calls them soak in a little TV time (both exhausted from our Liberty party!).

Puffins and Bubs and Handsome Dad-o!

Takin' in the warm rays when we can!

Yes, this is the bitter end of "nakey time" as Lula calls it... every afternoon when the sun begins to sink and the den fills with warmth...Lucie reminds me that it is "nakey time"! She and little Jer live for it. They run around in their diapers or not even that and have a blast till they crack...Here they have cracked...bedtime for is actually a great last blast of fun so they drift peacefully off to sleep. But we never forget to have it!

A study in grass, insects, and dirt...a boys true love!

Liberty Tax Thank You Party!

Jeromy cooked up one swell BBQ for all of his faithful, hardworking employees and their fam's! Lots of warm sunshine and a fabulous deck, created a chatty atmosphere. Lucille was thrilled to see so many kids march through our front door and Bubs was one "happy guy" watching kids whip past him. Everyone stayed for 4 hours! And I think we can say it was a big success!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wagon Trails!

Lucille awoke with a "WOW!" and stopped suddenly on the stairs...there below was the most wonderful red wagon she had ever seen. "Thank you Grandpa and Reba!" said Lucille as I told her who sent it!
Early morning sun beckons us outside for a quick adventure...snow is on the way! Luc sat in both chairs numerious times and loved the fact that she could pile in a juice cup, bucket, shove, "B" (blanket), glovies...just in case...and a bottle of water for Mommy. We travel with alot of gear! Oh, and a stuffy of course!
Spring Time in the Rockies! Snow dumps, melts, and green appears...ususally in 5 day cycles! What joy though, another opportunity for a "bella"! (umbrella!)

Jeromy giggles the aftertoon hours away with his foot facination.
Thank you Grammy and Pappy...Lucie LOVES her coloring book, colored paper, and clip board...and Mommy loves the outfit!

This is an older pic of Jeromy but so adorable...he soaked up the warm air Tuesday with a little "tummy time" outside! Leaf exploration was the subject and Little Jer loved the crinkley old leaves alot!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lucille turns Two!

Hap Hap Happy Birthday to the New Two Year Old Lucille! Notice Bubs still love the profile shot!
Since Lula Belle is a Tax Baby ie 15th of April...Daddy will always be gone with our new Tax Biz so she will have to make do with two guilt ridden parents who will always make it up to her with a Birthday week! Tomorrow will be a fam party and Sat. another party with Eddie, Walter, and James! Hip Hip Hurrah for Cuzzies!
Gabbin' on the phone to one of her many "admirers!" ie Grammy, Pappy, Granmere, Grandpa!

This is one Handsome Duo!
A Birthday Tea!
Menu: Cot and Butter Sandwiches (Apricot and Peanut Butter)
Sparkling Orange Juice, Cheesy Chips, Cinnamon Cookies and a Bone for Heltie!

Lucille feels it's her duty to dump Bubsie's toys "on"'s more fun that way!

"Toe Trick by Jer" provided the most exhilarating entertainment for Lula and me! We had a lovely day in the upper 70's so we all soaked up the sun and spent the whole day outside!

Sweet Baby Lucille only 12 hours old!

Singing in the Rain!

What a glorious surprise for Lucille...she is extremely curious about rain, thunder, lightning, and in Colorado is feels like you only read about such things...or did until this past weekend! I saw it was raining and ran and woke Lucie up, bundled her, and sent her out to have a ball!

She looked just like the Morton's Salt girl! And stayed out the whole rainstorm..with thunder!!! No lightning (Grandpa!).
A little fairy queen ( just as naughty too!) popped up one morning in our living room. She fluttered here and there, had a snack, and quickly disappeared back!
The grin comes from the biggest strawberry one ever saw...forced into the tiny tots mouth and swallowed with much delight!
Lucille keeps a sharp eye out for Daddy....always eager to see his car arrive!


Jeromy has discovered the roll! Only belly to back has be tested but he is now ok with it all! It starts with a curious look around, then a hiney poke, followed by a hiney tumble that takes the poor babe along with it! And might I had quite pleased with himself! He is one rolly-polly chubby cannoli!

The 4 Month Explorer!

Little Jeromy lights up when we go outside...he loves it so much that when we come in (on a warm day) he turns into Baby Jeckell and when we go back out Baby Hyde! I'm not kiddin' this guy loves the great outdoors!
A little one-on-one time for the Wee Fergs! (And what is Lucie saying you ask? "No Baby!"..."Here Baby"..."Happy Baby!")
Bubs is a wrapper...really likes the sound of plastic crinkling! My name is Bubs and I'm here to say...I like my sister in a unique way...give me some creamy...some creamy delish and put near the table to grab that dish!

Yacky-Yack Daddy come back! Lucille is rather impatient with Dad-o on the phone and Bubs wonders why? Why am I so extrodinarily puffy and blue today?!

"OoooHHHH...Lets go fly a kite, up where the sky is bright!" Lucie and Daddy kite-flying pro's and take every windy Sunday to see how they can fly!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sweet Baby Jer!

Oh goodness...where can you start with a baby like Jer Bear Jr! "Happy Guy Jer" likes to get up early and have a little time with Daddy and Mommy all to himself in their bed after having first nursed until he was fat as a tick. Then he cooes and kicks like a black belt, snorts, squeals, and does a few more amazing kick tricks! This usually ushers Lucille in and she wedges he way between us all!
After a short morning nap, Little Guy likes some tummy time. His sister, always quick to please aka "Mommy, Helper Girl?!", will pull out all Jer's toys then smile affecionately and quickly proceed to hide them all stating they are all "dangerous"! ha! Jeromy doesn't seem to care and laughs at his sis all the time. We found his "tickle spot" too...under his chubby cheeks! A quick polk produces barrels of laughs and chuckels!
He loves a walk in the baby wrap and a sit on the back porch. Lately we have been exploring the backyard and feeling grass and sticks! Bubsie loves a stick to hold...danger boy!
"Bathies" are a blast now! He just soaks in the entertainment (Lu Girl!) and grabs at the bubbles! He has become a fabulous night sleeper...usually! And loves to tease his sis during the day! He will jump on Lula's horse and make her howl with "No's" or grabs her spoons, straws, or other favorite items! His is a grabber! Bubs really likes to sit on her tummy during her diaper change and threaten to drool on her! Such a fine brother!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

You and Me Baby!

What about Little Jer, you ask? Well he loves playing on Momma and Daddy's bed...alot! "Diaper or nothing" says Jeromy! He likes to kick his legs back and reach forward making a U-shape. If on his back he tightly grabs both hands togther in a huge fist and admires them, then snacks on his right index finger/thumb combo...very tasty!
Practicing the famous U arch!

Hey that kid is a natural model! Uncle Joe should check out this guys arms...what a chubber!
This is Jeromy. He freely gives big smiles and looks at you with his eyes dancing in wonder! "OH MOMMA!" thinks Little Jer to himself, "You are so great!" We were both enjoying a little quite fun while Daddy and Lu-Girl expended their energies at the park!
Complete abandon...what joy!

"Ahhhh this is so peaceful!" coos Jeromy, "where could my sister be?!"

" hheee!" says Bubs...he finds words flow freest when he clinches his hands and studies them....translation "Wow look Mommy two hands turned into one! How did I do that!"
Toe tricks by a veteran toe handler!
Ooowww! A two handed toe trick!
Jeromy is our Tree Frog...he has the firmest grip! Notice the white tipped fingers, once this little one grabs your shirt, hair, pasta, toy, or tail you are toast! No lettin' go here!
Hey is that a rolly thigh under that dimply hand!?

Peak-a-boo with Jer! He loves to taste everything. If you blubber his tummy he laughs and laughs and if you nibble his hears he coos!


Ahhh...always a weakness for the corny pun! Little Bubs (and he is called this thanks to Lucille who refers to him as "Chubs and Bubs") in his crowning glory!

Lula and her crown....not to be out done by her little bro!
"Oh Daddy!" exclaimed Jer Bear, "This water is wonderful, who knew I could be toasty, warm and nakey!" Little Jer loves being "free" as we call it...actually he comes alive if you let him have a little "nakey time" before or after a bath. He just kicks, coos, and rocks from side to side! Meanwhile Lucille whips around the upstairs in nothing but Mommy's heels all the while screaming with delight (and managing to terrify Little Jer)!