Lucille Renee Ferguson

Sunday, December 30, 2012

October and the first cool down!

 ahh...just precious!
 Merry threesome!

 franklinton fair!
torturing cecily!

 one month old!
 last of the 1years...soon to be 2years!
 enjoying their torturing of cecily!
 notice jer in the tree!
 mud pie time!
tarzania boy! monkey boy as dad calls him!


 New Guy fits right into toon time!

 handsome Pop with his new kiddo!


 little wee art!
 first stroller outing!
 getting blubbier quick!

Art at the Park!

Art is so happy, easy going, wonderful and just one of the pack!

 Jeromy masters the bike! Easy Smeezy!
 Lucille conquers tic tac toe! No longer beaten by anyone!
 daring jumper!
 amazing balancer!
 No hands belly swinger!
 All aboard the twist!
 Afthur's first park outing!
Just hanging out!

Arthur James Ferguson is here!!!

He came late Sept 1st right after our power got turned back on after no power for 3 days thanks to Hurricane Isaac!  7lbs 15oz and dark haired!!! Little Jer is beside himself with joy! He even woke up the next day saying...I just wanted to make sure it was a boy and not a dream!

 I had terrible pregnancy mask so that is what you see on me.

 Cecily still weasles in the middle!
 Everyone is thrilled!
Even Feffiles!

The New Baby is on the Way!

Lucille and Mommy!

My girls!

The kidlins!

Best Buds!

Cecily and Jeromy are good pals and love to tease one another...they play good.  Lucille and Cecily are like Big sis and Little sis and they to play good.  But there is a different dynamic.

 Notice the baby names!  Still no name!
 Big trucks are always cool!
 Jeromy's cousins from England came and stayed with us.
 "Actually MOM!" says Jer!

"Ahhh!" a alligator!

 Helping Dad install our new floors....gotta beat the baby's arrival!
Lucille in 1st grade!