Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Refueling, Before Bed frenzy, and the Meltdown!

St. Paddy's Day Parade!

Amazing Trick Girl!!

Lucille loves to do tricks these days...summer saults, leg raises, jumps, or one legged stances!

Her "currrent" cute look...not that we encourage this it just seems to come!

Snacks and Parks!

The Tinies quickly stuff as many Bunny Grahams into their mouths as possible...lest Mommy take the box away too soon!!

Fast as lightning!

On your marks get set..GO!

Tiny Hinney Alert!!

Freshly popped out of a memorable tub with Daddy blowing bubbles!!

The Wee Fergs kindly offer to finish the dishes for Mommy!!

For the Love of Butter: Peanut Butter!

The only person I know who loves PB more Bubs might be Jerry Bridges...otherwise this dude takes the prize...a thick slab of PB on bread for lunch each day and a spoonful for snack!!

Danger Girl informing Danger Boy how to cross the gap...Mind the Gap People!!!

A few warm up circles on the coffee table!

Peek-a-boo Bubsies!!

My 5 tooth!! Handsome for a living party boy! Who can now say "wall, tuc (truck), dow (down), bu (book or ball), and probably other amazing words if Lu ever let me hear him!!!


Little master Bubs-z loves his bling!! Every morning and night he layers himself in precious mardi gras beads and then waddles around for a minute just to throw them off!

Lucie had a hard 7 days of painful gas (ha haa!) although is wasn't really funny just alot of crying, cuddles, and toons!! Bubs had a ball teasing her...since he felt great and soaked up every minute of his intense "Mommy time"!

Daddy explains to the finer points of reading to moo, hee-haw, meow, and snort! Bubsie is facinated with animals, trucks, and buses!!

"Yah Bubzers!!!" Nothing like a "crazy" in had to whip a boy into a laughing frenzy!

Off to Grandpa's House to Help!

We spent a good bit of February in Dallas helping Grandpa recover from his hip-replacement surgery. I think the time could best be described as:
3 wheeler rides
big tubs with lots of bubbles
dancing to Grandpa's guitar
tea parties
park runs
picking GG's garden veggies
special treats
library runs
feeding the ducks
fun times with Nan and Auntie Bev and lots of kisses and amazing trick for Grandpa's enjoyment....and lest we forget...BIG TV's!!!!!