Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A "Jer"ful Study of Wild Childs!

Thanks Grammy and Pappy!

Lu and Jer were exstatic to recieve a package during dinner...they quickly slipped in to their new outfits and danced wildly in front of the sliding glass door admiring themselves! Jeromy looked at his and said, "Just like Daddy's!!" under his breath! He really feels big now! Notice Lu's new belt too...she tells everyone about it...even perfect strangers..."I have a new belt!" She is sporting a lot of rhinstones these days belt and boots and all!

Ahh...Attack the Monster!!!

Lately the swords have been drawn and the shields polished for monster hunting...which is usually an unsuspecting Aunt Molly coming home for the evening...a relaxing Dad on a Sunday or a Mom who appears to be fair game at any moment in time....They hid like little Vikings then come storming out our no where and attack!!!
Actually they play beautifully together... best buds filled with wild imaginations...this was a monster hunt whilest I cooked!

LIttle Kitties...

The Littles love being kittens and since Aunt Molly arrived and introduced them to a new kitty song they are kitties day and night...before bed, upon rising, and snack time you will be sure to find a meow.

One afternoon we took a walk down a road with ever so slight hill and Lu whized down it on her bike...not to far into the run she lost control and flew over the handle bars hitting the road chest first then the momentum kept her going so she continued to flip forward (her body being thrown backward) rolling upon the her face and the weight tipping her over by the end of her nose...well it was horrible to witness...really awful..but she tumbled a bit more then got up with tears and a small cut above her rosy lips...and since then....all things are compared to.."Thats as fast as I ever flew over my bike!!" Which is a major complement in her book to her speed and the object being complemented...this kid is one REALLY TOUGH COOKIE!
"Jeromy don't hit me I'm a flower". "Jeromy you are make of sticks and stones I am made of sugar and spice and all things nice!" Luckly Jer ignores it all and gets her anyways!
"Momma, I'm buried in kisses" laughs Lullers at bedtime! Her newest rendition of a name for Jeromy is "Mr Jer" .....Mr. Jer do this Mr. Jer loves this...Mr. Jer come and play!!!
What is Jeromy saying these days? "Meow" for he is chocolate chip the kitty!

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

thats what we love about Aunt Molly!!!
Aunt Molly spent the morning wooing Lu and Jer to herself via pink icing and sprinkles...and yes they loved every minute of it...Jeromy would not try the icing...he was very skeptical...later devoring it by the finger fulls!

Sprinkles and cupcakes were coming out of our ears so the Littles and I made "cupcake runs" all afternoon suprising their friends with a sheets of pink pleasure!

Marks Get Set Go!!!

And they are off! A lovely Sunday outing with Dad and to a forgotten place... Garden of the Gods...the kids went bonkers for all the trails, tracks, and climbing rocks...of which Lu dared quite a died right here though...later we snacked at our new fav place...La Bagette on buttery eclairs filled with whipped delight and toasty hot cafe au lauts! Jeromy, little guy, ate then stood tall in his boots and cowboy hat and belted out "Lets go fly a kite..." then noticed he was being noticed by a room of smiling eyes and quickly turned pink and darted under the table! It was simply adorable! All that sugar pumping through him I suppose!

Swords in hand to protect the fair from the FOX!

"Dad...where's that nasty ol' fox?" inquires a puzzled Lu ready for fox fricatasse, foxy sausage, and tail soup! ( All this of her own making!!!)


Lately we have been all piled in our big yella chair reading away when up we look and a red fox races by! After 2 or 3 days of this we organized a fox hunt and set out one night to surprise him! Well we only made it up the block one house then Mommy made a faux catch in the Big Fir Tree and was grappling with something...and that was all it took for Little Guy to bail!! So we roamed up and down the street combing Mr Ray's house, ours, and Mr. Rich's house for tracks...found some but the adventure dissolved into sifting snow through our green net...alas the little fox got away...

Hmm...not so sure about this after all!
Lucille loved the game and found it even more delightful when Jer got a little fearful! "quick guys....he's under Aunt Molly's car!" shouts Lu!

A quiet morning after Dad goes....Jeromy expressing himself on canvas and Lucille scrubbing away!

"A New 3 year old thing"

"Mom I'm not ready to nap...I need a new 3 year old thing..." says Lulu. " using sharp danger nails and a big hammer to practice..." starts Mommy who is interupted by a squeal of delight! "Yes!!! You put baby Jer to bed Momma Dearest then find me those nails!" commands the eager 3 year old!

Contemplating whether she feels like a ballerina or not...we are enjoying lots of Angelina the Ballerina stories with little cousin Henry in them...wait I mean Lucille the Ballerina with little Jeromy in them!

"YO Mo!"

Goose Park!

Now that we are down to 1 nap and no diapers! (except at night) the kids and I have begun to explore more parks...this being our new fav! Goose park is on the way to our pastured farm egg stop and we love to chase the flocks (literaly) of geese and ducks, poke at the frozen pond, admire the sparkling brook cascading down the hill and spin until we are silly!