Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dear Ol' Cousin Ed!

Lucie and Bubs were quite happy in Eddie's arms and so excited to have a cousin visit! Especially Walter and James' brother!! Handsome Ed and Daniel arrived Sunday for a nice chat and we enjoyed them so!
Lucie cuddles up to her new "squeeze". Eddie is thick-lots of muscles-and so kind...we love our Edd-o!
"Momma can Isaac come play today? I want to show him my 'danger stick'!" whispered Bubsie into my ear. Bubs has two tiny hinney friends like himself...Isaac and Matt and he is learning to share Mommy too! Bubs finds it hard to not freak out when his friends come over and Mommy gives them attention!
Miss Priss settles down for a small read...very small...all of 2 books then she is off again!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Playtime with His Puffins!

"Oh Momma what is LuLu doing?" asks Sweet Bubsie.
Two Peas in a Pod! Lucie is immediately disorentiated or irritated when she sees the camera these days...too bad for you all they are a happy duo!
Deep morning shade and toys on a blanket...the widdle diddles fav!
"Look LuLu, at Heltie, he is chasing another squirrel!" says Bubsie. Lucie keeps snacking...nothing is gunna get this gal away from a REAL muffin...with none of Mommy's hidden healthy additives!

Momma and Me!

My baby boy Bubsie!

"Uh-oh...Momma where are you...why am I not in your arms!"
Giggles and Tickles galore is all Lucie wants from Daddy!


Lucie and Daddy headed out early to retreive the paper and 3 giant hot air balloons were soaring over head! So at 6AM those too headed off to the park to catch one landing (Lucie apparently viewed it from a swing and wanted to chase the other 2 day as well!)! Bubs and I stayed to prep breakfast and play in the cool morning grass!

You can barely make out Lulu and Daddy skipping down the sidewalk!
An afternoon jaunt.

4th of July Swim!

Bubs enjoys Luc's "fruitbar" as she calls em'...mostly to get a reaction from Lulu herself...already he loves to whip Lucie up into a frenzy of "NO NO NO...Dangerous Bubs! (then a small pat on the head after yanking it from him!).

Lu Girl swam with utter abandon...soaking up every minute! Saying "keep mouth closed!" while pointing her finger at me with disapproval!
Snack time....this was an amazing pool, sat right at the foot of the Rockies...literally.

Little Jer tuckered out sooner than the rest, so after a sip of Creamy-Delish he was back at it and rip roarin' ready to go!

Momma's Boy!

Bubsie loves the camera but what does he love even more? Momma!!! Little Baby Jer is in his Momma attachment stage. He will let go for a little while then he realizes "Wait Momma's over there and I'm over can that be?!" thinks little guy. A quick sputter of tears and a reach lands him just where he likes to Momma's arms once again. "Ahh..." signs Bubsie, "everything is ssssoooo much better in Momma's arms!" "You know I am just part of you Momma!" he often tells me!

Ah...honey butter bread...good to the last sticky bit! Still a Lula Girl fav, but now a bit better cuz as Lucie says, "Eat it outside Momma!"
"OOOHHH....that looks powerful good to me." mumbles Little Baby Jer...."I sure hope Momma eats some so I can have some honey-butter-goodness flavored Creamy-Delish!"

An Outing!

Jeromy Sr is always up for adventures and this day he piled us all in the car and we set out for Green Mountain Falls. It was such fun. We found a nice park with a pond, ducks, sticks, sand, and swings...what more could a kid want! Little Jer daringly scaled an old tree and Lula chased ducks with her stick.

The menfolk relaxing...wait a sec, Chubsy Bubsy isn't a man yet...just a small lovable blob boy!

Little Jer guy. So handsome!

Typical of afternap Lu...a little tempermental shall we say?! Bubs just loves his ball, it is so deflated he can grab it and go!