Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Farm Fresh....

We were given a 10lb organic zuchinni from a local farm...ha haa it still makes me laugh (and half is in our fridge still!)!! So I stuffed with peppers, onion, portabellos, bacon, zuchinniness, and garlic with some homemake bread....and pepper jack....can I just say YUM!!!

Another grand day at the the lineup is studying elephants! Lucie brought her purse full of tantalizing treasures...everyone enjoyed exploring it just as much as they did the zoo!

This is a weekly occurance...little Jer busting his lip...this one was a honker though! (In fact today he managed to fall off the he fit through that spot to crash down onto the me...but he did and wasn't happy about it...but no bruises or scrapes to show for it!) 100% boy!

Splash Park!

We have been enjoying the local splash park this has a playset area and jumping it is super fun! Here Lucie and Alias and Jeromy chat it up over watermelon!

Daring trick girl at her best!
Jeromy dared the water...though not for long...Colorado water is extremely frigid!

Rylan and Lu discuss great things atop the slide.

Daddy's Helper!

Now whenever Daddy mows little guy follows him all over the yard...front and back...with his stroller/mower...he is very involved and then greatly appreciates the "oooo's and ahhh's" from Mommy and Lu as to how he did such a fantastic job...he just stands and beams!


Our first watermelon of the season did not last long...a day or so!

Bestest Buds!

A typical view out the back door in the early morning...two pals chatting and exploring together. one is too into breakfast these days...lots of pushing bowls away, long stories, giggles, and "NO!" Little Jer is a learning guy right now! Lucie is just buying time..."perhaps Mommy will forget and I won't have to eat it!" thinks little Lu!

Chuga-Chuga ,Choo-Choo!!!

Ah the good ol' summertime...weekly zoo visits and thus train rides!

Little Jer took a big step forward this time and fed the giraffes...and now he loved it!

A quick reaction of shock...the tongue is really really long.
Ha what a big boy!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Daddy's Little Orbitals!

Anywhere you see Handsome Papa Jer you will also see two tiny hinney's following...

One more highlight of the 4th....a moving truck across the street! We are talkin' super cool here!!

A "Monumental" 4th!

So the pun plays off of Monument CO where we caught a fabulous parade! Starting with cheesy chips at 10am to keep the kids still time the parade actually got to us!

We sat on the Santa Fe Trail and is an amazing trail going from NM to WY!

True Bliss...a whole bag of raisies all to himself!

Yahhh!!! Hurrah!!!

Pre-parade candy....listless.

A Train!!!!

Our coconut flour cake with sugary icing...guess what was our favorite part! The icing!

It actually rained 2 or 3 times so we came home after the parade and napped and then danced in the puddles.

The Mega Park puddle!

I love this pick!

Ditto That!

Danger Girl and Danger Boy dared to scare the Aspen our front...or should we call him "Ditto" for anything Lu does he can do better...I can do anything better than you! Or just the same!

Pitter Patter Rain Drops!

Hear the Thunder, Hear the Thunder, Listen to it Roar! Listen to it Roar! Pitter Patter Rain Drops... Pitter Patter Rain Drops... I'm All Wet! I'm All Wet!
(A fav song from Library Time!)

We have had alot of rainy days in a The Springs are green green! Jolly Jer and Lullers love waking up to rain...having book time, snack time, then runner up to get their boots and umbrellas for puddle fun!

Down one block to our "Daddy Perch!" where we like to hail him from afar and jump and dance the whole way a sorta race!

Across the street and down the know there are secret elf passages behind those ordinary spruces!!

Our house is blocked by these cars but this is our home base for fun...all things good start with a jolly jig on the metal box!

Talley Ho Bubs!

The last of Lu's "favorite Birthday umbrella" I'm afraid it fell apart after this jaunt that took it past the fiendish rose bush! But thankfully Grandma had already sent two lovely umbrellas and it was all okay-dokay!

"MOM...I don't think there is anymore lightning...we really need to go find puddles!"