Lucille Renee Ferguson

Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Swedish Sweetie!

"Oh Great Grandma Jane sent me this lovely dress! And I do love it so! Papa made sure my feet stay toasty with my pink booties and says I look like a Swedish Miss Priss! Momma laughed and agreed! Happy New Year to everyone."
Wee Ferg attempted to stay up to see the ball drop...but alas her sweet eyes got red and thumb lulled her to sleep.

Got Milk?

Lucille wants to know if you think she could be the new poster baby for
"Got Milk" or as she says "Got Creamy-Delicious?"

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Creative Moments!

Ahhh, what wonder and delight! Chub at its very finest!

"Momma is this wear you say you keep all my creative moments?!" asked Wee Ferg. "I am so they stay in here long?" wondered little Lu.

"What's that Helton? You think my creativity is stinky?!! I'll grab your tail and drool in your water...stinky-bo-binky pup!"

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yummy Toys!

Lucille thought," I wish I knew what LaLa and Ridley got for Christmas...I think I might like to eat their toys too!" Lucie at the moment was enjoying her daddy's stocking trinket and thought others trinket might be just as tasty!

Snow Snow Snow!

Here is Lucille in her best light~that is outside! Usually once a day we trek out to the new park and have a swing while Helton chases a tennis ball (a present from Grammy and Pappy which he LOVES!). Constant squeals of delight and little legs flying sideways relay Lu's enthusiasm which is quite contagious!

Christmas is still here!

Thanks to the blizzard we are still having random packages arrive and what fun it is!

"Oh Auntie Anna I love my new scarf! Momma and daddy had one and even Heltie too but I did not have anything to keep my neck warm!" It is precious and fits Lula perfectly as you can see.
"And Grandpa thank you for the cozy ride! We all love the bike trailer....especially me! I love being able to see in front, back, and sideways and best of all I can make sure Momma stays put!" giggled Lucie!

Monday, December 25, 2006

a couple more!

and still more pics!

More Pics!

The Ferguson's 12 Days of Christmas!

Here are some marvy pics of the fab ferg festivities.....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Cheer!

"Momma says that every cousin must wear a merry merry christmas (red garland hat!) and I want to remind cousins Ridley and Lala of this. Cuzzie Katelynn is here and we are having such fun with a box to tap on, blocks to toss, and coasters to naw on! "

Baths are always welcomed on cold days. Rub-a-dub-dub...two wee fergs in the tub!