Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yuppy Training...

Yes even little Wee Ferg herself enjoys a little Starbucks from time to time! That is only if it ice water on a terrible warm day of course!

A Spring Sprinkle!

Warm air is finally beginning to settle in the Springs and Lula Belle took right to enjoying the sprinkler!

Friday, April 20, 2007


"Hmm..." thought Lula-May. "I am not too sure about this new arrangement." That is until Daddy backed out of the garage and zoomed down the street. Then "Click"..."Oh my oh my!" squealed little Lullers! "This is fantastic!"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lula Belle blooms....

Here are a few wonderful pictures to capture how our dear, sweet little girl has blossomed this year!

The Big UNO!!!

Lucille awoke early and full of the birthday glee! She could not wait to have her party. After a lovely breakfast and a few very big and fabulous presents she picked her birthday outfit and had a nap. Meanwhile Pappa and Momma put her new FRONT facing car seat in!! Lula wasn't too sure about it at first....that is until Daddy began to drive out of the garage and she suddenly realized....this is GREAT! Our family has a new backseat driver!! Here we see Lucie relaxing after a hard day of pure fun! Then a sweet strawberry for a sweet little mouth!

Momma only left her plate for a moment and Lula zoomed in for an inspection...which she found pleasing...and promptly began to eat!
"Goodness!", thought Lula belle, "these strawberries are an explosion of taste!"

Greetings from Helton who wishes the birthday girl a marvy day! Party time!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Christ is Risen!

Happy Easter to all! We had a lovely frosted and fat-flaked snow day. After church and a nice nap, we headed South to the Broadmoor for brunch....exquisite...Lula loved everything and was rather charming as she waived and chatted. Such a wonderful day and amazingly cute bambino (if we don't say ourselves!).

The Frenzy before Bedtime!

Every night right before bedtime, Luc gets a burst of crazy energy. She crawls fast as lightning, pulls up on the couch and coffee table, and either sqwishes her face saying (sh-she) or does an long long blubber (spraying everyone and thing near her!).

Poor Pops after a blubber on Lucie realizes he has swallowed some Helton hairs!


Little La-Lu relishes the thought of whipping into the kitchen for a bit of chaos! "Every day I like to inspect momma's cabinet to see if anything new and exciting has appeared...lately some rather large and colorful tupperwear has been in this cabinet... and you know, I do love banging on tupperwear!" commented Lullers one early morning!

Our Lullers!

Yum Yum cheerios!

(Next Pic) No! No! I don't like that! (pout...pout!) much fun, Lu gets a little down time before the next rush of energy hits!

Approaching 1 year old!

Lucille loves to read her "touch and feel" book (so much so we hide it after a bit!). Clapping is great fun too! She now has a tiny curl on the back of her sweet head and the rosiest cheeks you ever did see!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We're in Vegas Baby!

P is for party....A is for allnight long....!!
Lula conks out, too much fun for the weenie!

A figure to remember! Lucie was loving the pool.

Between wedding activities, we were touring the casinos and Lucille was taking a nap however she could manage!

So is this what grass really looks like?! So soft and green...when will ours look like this Momma?!