Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

He's and UNDIES Boy!!!

Lucille trained in 2 weeks wet beds no nothin'...easy at 24 months too! Well Little Guy here isn't quite so enough...ready enough...just carefree! Hygeine is not a priority for him....well we got a cool potty chair from the Asian Mart...lots of juice boxes...lots of choco chippers...hmmmm.....

The progress is slow...but I am pleased to say we are definately pro-gress-ing....! Take heart, D-day approaches!

Handsome despite the grub!

Movie Night!

After a miserably cold walk and some hot home-made pizza...which was fabulous! We all watched the "Wind and the Willows" with a little pop-pop! Yes...little Jer is in daddy's socks and UNDIES!! We launched our pro-active D-Day campaign! Finally diaper free is almost here!!! yahh! What is mommy's new years resolution? You guessed it!

Protecting us all from those nasty rats!

In a bowl in Mommy's arms!...just in case!

Cheers to Chocolate!

Bottoms Up! Yes, these kids are pretty clever...filling their hollow Santas with water for quick swig...before devoring the remains!

Wake Up Santa Came!

Lucille screamed down the hall! We think she went down then came back up for everyone...based on her cool way of pointed everything out! She was so excited to share it all with Jeromy...who was not sure why he was up yet?!
Jer found his chocolate Santa first...and could not be bribed away!

Even by Lu who was far to enthralled with the toys to notice any candy yet!

Still working on the chocolate...till Mommy took it to allow a fried egg to settle first...then a little choco!

Jeromy was very overwhelmed and last about 2 presents past his chocolate then was moody and ready for "toon pleaze Daddy?!" Lucie was everywhere and shouting all her finds!

Finally distracted by some animals!

Loving Grammy's and Pappy's sweater!

OHHH!! A remote control car!

Later that evening after a feast with Mr. Bill and Mrs. Jo who call the kids "Pick-a-Peach" and "Little Guy!"

What a Lullers can never get enough of Daddy or toons!

Christmas is Coming....

the "Littles" are a bit crazed, gee I hope the eggnog doesn't make dad dazed! Listen to the story run up quick I think that I just heard St. Nick! Little Jer is snatching a cookie or two watch out little guy or I snatch your hinney too! Lucy runs up in a frenzy of delight...oh dear little Jer won't cooperated tonight! Santa is on the roof double quick...ahh! out go the lights with a silent "click!" (I hope you know the tune I am shooting for!)

Well after a full day and a car ride filled with electric wonder, the littles couldn't stay still for we left early and had hot cocoa and a story. Dad seemed to disappear and a jingling of bells was heard by Lu, who ran up the stairs screaming "hurry momma! santa is here!!" She ran to bed and got changed...little Jer dawdled not understanding the commotion and was quickly whisked to bed by Lu Girl who then heard Santa on the roof!!!
Daddy later came up to put the littles in bed with a kiss and hug!

Earlier..a present of choo choo books! yipee!

Good moring Master Jeromy!

Good morning Sweet Lu!

Protecting his sister from the bad guys! Or anything he thinks Lu does not like! What a brave boy he is!

Boot Scootinn' Boogie!

Yah Whoo! Nothing could have surprised these cowpokes more than a pair of long-horn boots/pink rhinestone studded boots! Thank ya Grandpa that was real kind of ya!

After a few "test tricks" and wild jumps the kids gave the boots a thumbs up! Lu's did not come off until bedtime each day after...then they are placed on her side table next to her pink hat...which also NEVER comes off!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Pistal Packin' Lu & Jer!

These kids can out spot a garbage truck mile away, find a coon at midday in the back yard, bounce a balloon faster than a jackrabbit can hop, and down a bagel with the speed of a mighty tor-nadie! These cowpokes are pretty tough...let me tell you! Kangaroo jump'in Lu and Faster than the Wind just never know what these hear two might do! Best beware they are on the loose ridin' the Wild West on (you guessed it...!) Chocolate Chip and Chocolate!

Just stopped in for a little refresher...Big Jer Ferguson keepin' his eye on a suspicous feller over yonder and Sweet Lu enjoying a moment of peace and quiet! They'll be back in the saddle again...ridin' over to the Library for a little Story Time later!

Rootin' Tootin' Cowboys!

In an effort to slow down the overwhelming frenzy of Christmas morning (not making it a gift opening spree ending with "aren't ther any more?") we are opening one gift (kids choice) a night and letting them savor Christmas. The first round was from Grandpa....lets just say we are singing every cowpoke song and whipping out a few new versions all day!

Lucille wanted to know all about what cowgirls do..and the hat combined with Disney's "Pecos Bill" cartoon is more than this child can handle! She sleeps!!! eats, rides in her carseat with this pink hat! It does NOT come off her head! Meanwhile Jeromy is loving his but finds it fun to take off too!
Well just in case you were all wondering...the puppies are doing good...that is the 5 furry stuffies that Jer takes all over the house (not allowed inthe car!)...he wakes up and says "Puppies awake!" which means he is! "Puppies hun-gary Momma! Puppies tired Daddy!" He as named them: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, and Chocolate Chip! And did you guess...those puppies LOVE chocolate!
Sometimes when Ditto Boy is copying a Lu Danger Trick he starts to do it then says..."Bubbie get a little bit bigger!" Then shys off to find "Hippo"!

THE Party!

"What time Jeromy's friends come, Momma?" inquires the 2 year old! I set my coffee table in the kitchen, which I might add was pure genius!, and 8 little bodies cheerly gathered round it!

WOW! shock in awe!

A Christmas Tea was in order for the belated party day...chuncky choco cake squares with umbrella toothpick tops, party hats and blowers, balloons galore!, cheese bites, sausage triangles, orange slices, and hot cider with straws...of course!!

Snizzle snizzles all summer/fall until the fateful morning of his party...oh well!

"Come on everyone cake time!" announces Jeromy!

A little intimitated by all the pals so he chose to compose himself by sitting on Momma!
Whilest all the friends play...Jeromy makes a quiet quick exit to graze on the remains of chocolate cake!
Later that night Lu continues to do "Amazing Tricks!"