Lucille Renee Ferguson

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Lucille manages to fit a small Nestle Crunch in her even smaller mouth! "Moooorrreee!"
Lucille proudly stands next to her pumkin!

"Ruff Ruff!" Says Lu girl as she steps down.

A wiggle worm in Mommy's arms (thanks to the sugar kicking in!). Lu Leigh loved walking the block (well I should say all 5 houses!) with Daddy and her "ball"!

All Hallows Eve

Ewy, gooey, pumkin fun! Daddy and Lucille had quite the time pulling out the "innerds" of ol' Jack! Lucille mostly just stirred the bowl of slim and then kept trying to put the mess back into the pumkin! She loved every minute and later eagerly jumped into her "Fifi the Poodle" costume! She has delighted in being a "doggie" all day (we had to put her in front of the mirror to get her to realize this!) Later we plan to hit a couple of neighbors houses for them to see this cute pink puff! And don't forget she loves to say what the doggie says "Ruff Ruff!"

Lucie is fast approaching 2 years old....she has the gumption, naughty/sweet smile, and fast legs to jet her away or to anything or one! She just got my attention by saying "Hey Mommy!" and then "Hello!" Lu Leigh loves to bring objects to the people they belong to, make sure everyone has a "poon" (spoon), or takes a sip of water when she does! All day gleeful squeals echo through the house as Lula dashes about taunting Helton, running into Mommy's legs, or just emptying out one of her favorite drawers in the kitchen! She is a pure delight and bursting with life! Right now, nothing beats a good long toothbrushing session! Lula starts and it takes her a good half hour to get those teeth clean! Whenever she is excited you here a "Yaaaaaaay!" or "Yummy Yummy"!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Catching up with Miss Lucie...

An avid kite watcher who has misplaced her "jews" cup. Daring Lucille popping off her "tree house"!

The fastest kiwi eater West of the Mississippi! Also an great fan of hotdogs! "Mooore Mommmeeee!" mumbled the greedy little munchkin!

I realize after reading Cousin Maggie's fabulous blog that everyone must catch up with Lucille's adventures. We tend to share them on phone calls but forget to post these stories for the general enjoyment of all.

This week was quite busy...Lu girl said her first sentence..."CALL DADDY!" I was quite shocked and proud (notice we are working on please!). Later it was discovered that doggie's in pictures have tails as does Helton (all we can say here is poor Heltie!). On our early morning walk, I told Lucille to look at the moon (which she promptly looked up!) and then located the ball (full moon) above the Rockies. She then proceeded to eagerly, stretch forth her small arm in a vain but precious attempt to touch it while commanding me to help..."Mommy....Mommy...!" Wednesday Daddy came home with a kite...something Sweet Lula has been eyeing at the park with great enthusiasm...and we all went to go fly it, Lucille, of course, extremely concerned if it it did a great many times! Afternoon "meal" checks are routinely begun from the moment we return home from our walk till it comes and then "just in case it came again" once or twice more each day! The "Booster Babe" is now commanding from her booster chair and no longer uses the her high chair.

Other fantastic tales could include Lucille's famous salad recipe, a zillion trips up two houses to the fascinating "Winnie the Pooh" Halloween sign, and the most recent observation...Mommy has a leg, I have a leg, and the doggie has a leg!

But, alas we shall save you all from the monotony of a tiny totes life....lest we steal too many stories from the dear grandparents private stash!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Lucille awoke to a white wonderland and looked out the window then at us and said "Woooow!" We laughed and realized she did not remember snow! Daddy lit the fireplace and we cuddled and then went out on the deck. Papa Jer started a new "first snow day" tradition of crepes with fresh strawberries and hot cinnamon apples! Lula was in tiny tot heaven and ate a hearty breakfast before hoping in a super cute dress for church. After church we gathered around the fireplace and had hot cocoa and leftover pumpkin cream cheese sandwiches from the party. Needless to say, Lucille picked out her favorite 20 books and we read them thrice! (Oh notice the great help Lucille is as she works with Daddy to clean up from breakfast! Lu girl HAS to have a job...she doesn't like just watching....this is good and bad!:) Plus it is still snowing!!! The backyard looks like a lovely, snow globe settling and the front like a ferociously, cold day!


Lucille and I were cuddling and taking a moment to catch our breath after a busy day of preparation then hosting a baby shower for a friend. Lula lay right on top and it was precious but the camera broke the "cute spell" and she whipped off...ready to read her pile of books before bed! Lucille LOVES reading....all day morning, noon, and toys for this tike, just lots of books. Her favorites include catchy tunes like nursery rhyme books, animal books, and books that have touch-n-feel or flaps!

Driving 101

It was the beginning of a new love, Daddy and Lucille went out for some "special time" at Sonic and shared fries. That was when Lucie first explored the front seat and noted how much fun it was! Here Daddy was letting Lu girl explore his new ride...our '99 Chevy Lumina! It is a great car and we are excited to have the ease of a 2nd vehicle back in our life!
The only problem with Lucie in the front seat is CD's disappear, wipers flip on, and lights blink when you actually start the car! She is a big fan of having no bucket seats to climb over!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Teething Tot We Love!


Jeromy and I wish we had a picture of this but you will just have to imagine Lucille's reaction in your minds! Poor, sweet Lucie has been in the midst of a serious teething spree (6 days yikes!). Not amused by Helton, Mommy, or Daddy and eating scant if anything...we three (Jer, me and Helton) were getting quite worried. So in a last attempt we broke out the Arby's Jammocha Shake....a particular fav of Daddy-o's. Lucille would have not of it...with a commanding wave and a "NO NO!" she sent Daddy away. Mommy (with an equal iron) will took a spoon and shoved a bit in her small pale mouth. Everyone watched...eyes peeled for the reaction....would she like it or not?

Lu girl swirled the creamy goodness around and swallowed.....then BING! Her eyes popped 2 inches wide as she stared at us with a "More More Daddy!" Sweet Success! Lucille has fallen pray to the lie that most everything Mommy puts in her mouth has a secret "healthy" ingredient and she was also convinced all good things had been tasted and there wasn't much left on the frontier of goodness! Hahaa!

In the end we were pleased to see the calories go down and the mood improve....and yes I was smart enought to plan this at a restuarant so she doesn't realize such sweet creaminess actually exists in her freezer. In Lucille's mind only Arby's has such delight!

Today she is greatly improved in spirit and shakes needed....frozen blueberries, Fig Newmans (the best newton ever), and strawberry Emergen-C are all a girl needs! We are still holding the position that, for a tiny tike who isn't eating, a calorie is a calorie and thank the Good Lord for sweets!

As for teeth, Lucille now boasts of large canines and mighty molars!!!! (Insert Joey's tarzan yell here!)

Pictures of Sweet Puff shall follow~

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cousin Eddie!

Lucille sits Eddie down for a serious "catch-up" chat and finds out what makes Cousin Eddie tick. Slightly disappointed that it didn't include "doggies, juice, and blankies" she decides to just make him read her a story instead!

Our Lu-Girl!

"Mom-meee....yum-meee!" That is Lucille over joyed at a hot dog dinner!

"Ahhh!!!" squeals Lucie...."dog-gie!"

Hot dog grease makes excellent baby hair conditioner! "Hey Ma! What's a babe gotta do around here to wet her whistle?!"

"Appy! Appy! Yum!" shouts Lula!

"Uh-oh...uh-oh, Mommy, Mommy!" translation...Mommy help I don't want to go down the stairs...carry me!