Lucille Renee Ferguson

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

End of October....

Cecily was a bunny, Jeromy a green ninja, and Lucie was Zorro!

Cecily and Jer were quick to catch on to the eat all you can of Halloween!
 Jeromy lying in someones yard had to be revived with another chocolate to keep going...meanwhile
Lucille had to be reminded that if she wanted any candy she best hurry up and eat some BEFORE we get home and dad puts everyone to bed!!! Art was a chubby blubby!

GG's house for the Last time

Grandma Jane passed away in October and we went up to Dallas to say goodbye to the house and comfort Grandpa.  It was a lovely weekend nice, cool, and crisp.  

Arthur aaannnnddd ME!

This picture captures Jeromy's love for his wonderfu!
 Poor Art squeezed into a precious outfit...such a chub!
 Little "aaaannnnddd ME" and her brother!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

The Wee Fergs just chillin up at the Lake front...climbing every tree in sight! Cool October!