Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Pink Puffin!

The day before Thanksgiving we got a nice amount of snow and by 7:30 AM we Ferg's we out and about in it! Lucille had forgotten the joy of putting on a snow suit and was not too sure about "why" until the cold chill hit her! Helton was in doggie heaven, making his famous "snow worms" all over as he wiggled in the puffy flakes. Lullers was amazed and waddled up and down the driveway following her "doggie" closely. After Daddy jetted off to work we three tromped down 2 blocks then back up to Mr. Bill's house to play with his (still hanging) skeleton from Halloween. All was good till Lu girl did a face plant in the snow and that ended out jolly walk. If you look close, you can still see the residue of Lucie's black eye in pic #1. Thanksgiving was a blast we hosted 2 other families and had a roaring fire and good conversation. Lucille made he butter rolls and entertained us all! Sorry no pics...I got too busy hosting!

Notice Jeromy's Russian Hat...courtesy of Dad's venture in Soviet Russian many a moon ago. Jeromy LOVES it and gets many a comment...this and his Austrian hat are his trademarks at Avis and people love him for it! Lucille is refusing to smile and choosing to look with distain as her Momma documents the moment...yet again!

Time for a hot drink and a little EV! TV that is!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lu Leigh and Daddy hit the Town!

This is about as much of a close up as I can get with Lucille these days...she runs everywhere and loves it! Saturday night was date night for Daddy and his Hot Babe-...that is Lu girl! They hit the town for a crazy night of fun at Mr. Biggs. Which is an amazing, large, indoor, activity center for kids and Lula was just old enough to appreciate the pineapple pizza, slides, carts, mazes, themed rooms, and chocolate pudding! Momma had the night off and caught a fabulous lecture by Dr. Bruce Fife on Coconut Oil and Palm she too was "high as a kite" like Lucie! Needless to say, Daddy once again topped himself in fun! Last time it was a Sonic fry stop that Lucie got to sit in the front seat and eat them with Daddy. This time it was more fun that this babe-weenie could handle and to top in all Daddy also got her a pink balloon! Folks we are talking about baby Disney Land here all with her Handsome Daddy at her side! The only chink in the evening was poor Lucie was walking and a hungry 4 year old didn't see her only the pepperoni pizza and ran straight into her....for a 3 day souvenir black eye! All said and done I think Lucille thought it was worth it!

Nannu's, Naps, and Nature!

After church Lucille loves a banana or "nannu!" as she shouts! This danger girl also loves dancing on the deck bench and taunting Helton with her "fewt" or fruit! Sunday naps are always attempted by Daddy on the sofa and so-far they are not happenin' with this little spright of a tike joining him!
Lately Lucille has noticed that "tars" or stars and "poon" or moon are not only in books but in the sky too! She runs out after breakfast to spot the "poon or ball" (depends on the shape of the moon) and early keeps an eye out all day for her "poon and tars"! Jer and I have even taken her out back after dinner many of night and showed her the sky and she loves it! So much so she runs down the hall after dinner for her "at and oat"!
As for our twice...if not thrice...daily walks, Lucille loves them. She gives Helton and I approximately 10 minutest to get "our" energies out then pops out of her stroller for her most favorite game ......"We're following the doggie...the doggie...the doggie...we are following the doggie, and away we will go.." (sung to the song "following the leader"!) After short pace we (regrettably) run into many a cement creature, blow-up holiday character, or worse yet a myrid of fascinating rocks...all of which must be collected or sat upon..depending on size! Yesterday was the turning point in our walks...we three hit a new speed...from slow to sloth! Yes both Helton and I have issues with this new speed but alas Lu Leigh loves her walks and nature!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lucille's First Parade!

In celebration of Veteran's Day, Colorado Springs puts on a rather fabulous parade! Rebecca Payne told Lu and I about it and we joined her for the morning festivities. Lucille was amazed at all the big "caws" (cars, tanks, etc.) and lots of "Woooow Mommy!" were whispered as the bands, troops, and tanks passed us by. A dumb-dumb sucker was caught for Miss Lu girl and eagerly stuffed in her small mouth with a look of wonder and delight! All was well until the big "ball" (balloon) was spotted and then the "doggie"...Lucie promptly lost all interest in the parade at that point and we wondered over to check out what she had spotted. Later that afternoon, Lucille was zipping and I mean zipping all around the deck! Parade fever, fueled by a Saturday Sam's club snack stop, then a "nanna" was causing Little Lu to turn into crazy baby...which I might add is extremely cute! A nap soon followed the "too much fun for a weenie" high!

Friday, November 09, 2007


Here is Lucille enjoying the last few warm days of fall. If weather permits, she enjoys two large bowls of warm water and lots of spoon, cups, containers, and towels!

For all the curious family, here is Momma after a long day of fun! Here I am just at 37 weeks with Wee Ferg #2!

The Horse Race!

Here is Lu-Leigh on her favorite horse and her handy "ball" for a sidekick! Everytime a horse is on the "EV" Lucie, grabs hers...this time we were watching the Mary Poppins horse race with Daddy! Lu girl has a balloon attached to her waist more often than not...thanks to the local grocery store and restaurant biz!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

First Encounters with an ECHO!

Today Lucille and Helton ventured into the tunnel located in the back of our fabulous park. There, she noticed an echo....well I made it pretty obvious...from that point on she dashed with Helton back and forth screaming, laughing, and saying "NO, NO!" On our way out, Lula Belle was captured by the water fall (yes, we do have drainage ditches!) She hopped up on the 3 tiered fence like a cow-poke and studied the scene, which also starred Helton the Brave daring to get near the edge of the falls! Later we watched the fast forward version of "Mary Poppins" (catching the songs only) Lu girl was totally into the cartoon/chalk"supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and grabbed her pony and took off with the carisoul horses and raced past the pack of fox hunters!
Nothing could stop her...except the end of the song! This weekend we plan to take Daddy back to the echo tunnel....a new fav spot of Miss Lula's!