Lucille Renee Ferguson

Friday, August 29, 2008

Zoo Mania!

We ventured out to the zoo this week with our new friends the Quinones. Here is Nora and down a bit Isaac. They loved it and ran around like wild banchees feeding animals, finding then hidden away, and petting them too! Here the Nora and Lu are lined up with their money to purchase some yummy giraffe crackers!!
Isaac tries to keep pace but is still mastering the walking bit.
Neither the camera nor Bubs were in working order this day...Bubsie was apparently teething and it took Mommy a bit to get the message..."I'M NOT HAPPY!!!"
Sad boy! Don't ya just want to kiss him!!! We have 1 tooth (I had thought 2 but was wrong) and we are having a HARD time of it!

Daring Young Bubs and Lulu!

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring you Wee Fergs on the Swings!!! Bubs now likes to keep up a good, fast pace himself...not to be outdone by his sis for much longer!
Apparently we have a "B" boy!! That is Wee Ferg code for blankie!! Bubs LOVES Auntie Bev's B she sent. It makes everything nursury, car rides, naps, babysitters!
Bubs notices the coast is clear of Lucie and goes in for the swipe!!! He has been watching the gorilla water bottle for some time...waiting...!
Yes Lucie can smile normal...just not for the camera. She is 2 you know!
Chubsy Bubsie!!! All cuddles and coos!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Look Momma Look!"

High flying cowboy Bubs! Braver each day!
Lucie-la-whirl jumping dangerously from the stairs and laughing!
Bubs and LuLeigh chatting.

Doorbella is what we should really be calling her these days!
All Lil' Baby Jer wants to do is stand up tall like his sis! He is pulling up on everything and then smiling big! "Look at Me Momma!"

Bubsie the Socialite

Bubsie awoke from his nap to find two friends waiting for him...Matt and Luli (Katie Bilansky Metka's daughter). The tiny hinney has been quite busy with his little friends...his favorite thing to do with his blossoming buddies is splash around in the pool!

I love how Bubsie's diapers hit him "above" the belly button, in fact quite near the chest!
Later this week he also hosted a swim party with Alias and which 4 little hinney's made it into the year we must upgrade!

Cousin Bets and Ed!

We were thrilled to see dear ol' cousin Betsy stop in for a visit. She was in town briefly but Eddie managed to steal her away so we could all visit. She looks fabulous and is doing great and Eddie is still Lucie's love! She lights up when he walks in the door!

Bubs is a Crawling Joy Boy!

See the idea of a quick crawl to Mommy excite our chubsy Bubsy! And we are off! Bubs is very quick when he sees 1) a power cord 2)Mommy 3) a flower or a bug! Otherwise he fakes an inablity to move with lots of grunts and frustrated, high pitch squeals...Luc has nothin' on this boy...he hits notes so high...ouch is all I will say!

Monday, August 11, 2008

These days....

Bubsie is scooting around...not always crawling but sometimes...I hear he does with Daddy and Lucie alot just not when he sees Momma!
Lucille is rolling her pie dough to stuff it full of cinamonny-sweet apples. Our neighbors trees are full of apples and plums again and we snack on them every walk!

Bubs likes to cruise while watching Daddy mow, he loves this toy...just sits on top and bobbles with lots of excited arm flails! If Bubs could fly I think he would be a hummingbird based on how he likes to flap his arms when he gets happy!

Grammy and Pappy and the ZOO!

The last day of Grammy and Pappy's visit we all toured the zoo and what fun was had! Lucie fed the birds and giraffes. Bubs enjoyed being towed around in his small palace...I mean wagon!

This guy is a crawling guy and he was just checking out the rain!

In the pool with pops and paps!
Lucie pets a baby Waliby.
Luc and her Grammy!

Bubsie was not big enough to appreciate the zoo and soon fell asleep.

Widdles have some Giggles...and yogie too!

Bubsie loves hanging with his sis, especially when she shares her snack under the fort with him! Not that Bubsie likes anything I give him...but Lucie is a different matter...she can make him do anything...I think he is in awe of her!

The good ol' summer time! And yes, she did eat most all of that fat slice!

To Market, To Market....

The farmer's market was quite festive this Saturday with live music and bubbles! Bubsie snuggled up to Aunt Anna and only Aunt Anna (he is still a staunch Momma' boy!)

All the Littles gathered to watch the other kids dance and bubbles float on by. We also got to meet up with Eddie and Daniel, who came along for some farmers market fun!
Big Bad Bubs!

The best of cousins! Dan seemed to blend right in from day one and loved us all....Jeromy was somewhat suspicious but later caved in!

Dos Hombres!

Cuddin' Dan's visit was a blast...little Jer and he played...OK not really but they were sure cute playing side by side!

Pool time! All they both wanted to do was squirm out! Dan was plowing ahead and starting his crawl and little Jer just went for the "always practical" fish-outta-water flail!
Name the tiny hinney's!!! Whose is whose?!
What a handsome duo!
Lucille was only sporting one camera face all bad...she wasn't into sharing her trike too much either!