Lucille Renee Ferguson

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Popcicles and Mud Pies!

Little Brown Jer Bear comes for a hug and a face wipe!

Haahaa! screams Little Jer as he explodes with laughter. Later I realized I should have switched the white turtle neck for another color...oh well!

This particular day hit 70 degrees! so I let them mix a little water with dirt to see what happens...they went crazy!!!

Bubs splattered, Lu clamoured, Momma and Helton kept our distance! (Helton left a couple of days after this pic)

After lunch popcicle bliss!

The Lord blessed us with a breather of warm air and we praised Him for it! This was the last day of it before the cold and snow rolled in. So we soaked up every bit of sunshine!

Ode to Helton....

Here is a glimpse of Heltz for all to say goodbye...he went back to the adoption folks today.

Heltz Speltz, Helton the Brave, Pooch, Spelton, Pup-Pup, Badness, Hell-yon, Pew, Rabbit Chaser, Squirrel barker, Bone muncher, Master of the Cute Act, and our Helt-Helt. We will miss you handsome dog but alas we must part.

Sand Creek!

This was one of the kids absolute favorite adventures. We joined our friends at the park for a picnic, walked over to the waterfall ( 2 feet at most!) then down the echo tunnel to the creek bed (only 6 inches deep Grandpa!) and let them poke sticks, throw rocks, and splash till they were covered in sticky sand and exhausted!

I had a time keeping Bubs out of the icy water! The weather was very warm and the snow was melting fast.

Isabelle and Allias had a ball exploring too, they had never been here and Lu was quick to take command!

After a nap and change of clothes, we sat on the hot porch with some popcicles!!! What a week, What a treat!

I think this boy could be a poster kid for Western Baby wear! He was a cruisin' this morning, no more wobbles or topples! We are officially a walking boy! He now loves to spin in circles, but does in right in the same spot...he also loves animal books and tonight just mastered the snort of a pig!! He was extremely proud of himself too!

Daddy's Off!

Papa Jer has been putting many long long days at Liberty, but thanks to everyones prayers...very good days!! Here he makes it home for dinner with the fam! A once a week treat these days!

Early Sunday morning Dad is off till the "tinys'" push their chairs up to the counter and help Daddy make a delicous spread!

After an exciting trip to the zoo (yet again!) Bubsie and Lucie hit the bath. And yes I am sitting and waiting for Lucie to get out! Bubs shows off the fine Ferguson physic...notice plush hinney and curvacious thighs...oh what bliss what chub-a-lub-chewous wonder!

On our way to see the bears, Lucie pulls the wagon to help Mommy while Bubs helps Lucie by pushing! Momma's little troopers!

Lucille loves to feed the birds...ironically Mommy hates to feed the birds and Bubs goes crazy trying to catch the birds!

Jumpin' Jer watches with a keen eye as the Waliby's hop around. He was very into the zoo this day. Lucie earlier discovered a fake dead zebra at the vulture exhibit. So now if I say....
"Lucie what is your favorite animal?" "DEAD ZEBRA!!!" is her quick reply! ha haa!

A Tea Party!

Ahh the culmination of all things long-for and desired...finally Bubbins masters the stroller walk!

Isabelle and Allias popped on over for a jolly good time of hot cocoa, strawbery muffies, and play. The foursome devoured all snacks in their path between jumping, chasing, singing, and playing in bowls of water! (Yes, it was a rather warmish morning!)

Squeeky Clean!

What is better than walking and helping make bread with Momma and Lu? Why....brushing your own teeth WHILE standing at the sink! Yahooo Bubs!
Why yes, Bubs and Lu are avid toothbrushing enthusists...taking on average 30 minutes to stand and brush, tossle and brush, walk and brush, and play and brush!

The Wee Lil' Bakers!

Lucille is always ready to help and Bubs stepped up in the world of babyhood to join his sis by standing on back of the chair!! He was very enthusiastic but lacked the "kneaded" skills still...he was just the handsomest "dough boy"!

A Zoo Day!

With the start of the cold blast last week we were blessed here in Colorado with sunny skies and warm air! To kick off our week-o-too-much-fun the kids and I headed to the zoo. Bubs was walking but as you see rather unsteady. He loved the apes and climbing up to the window to peer out!

"Mommy will you make me a drum like in the parade?" "OOOOOkkkkkaaaayyyyy....hmmm...!" replied a stumped Mommy! But then it hit me like a bolt of lightning! Isn't it the cutest?! And she loves it so!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Cold Bananas and Hot Stuff!

Daddy and Lu graciously took Helton out into the Artic Waste whilest Bubs and fair Momma stayed in! Inside Bubs and Lu go wild jumping, running, climbing, rolling and dancing!!! "These are my favorite shoes Momma! They are Lu's Dancing shoes!" (They light up as she walks!)

Little Jer is getting really good at standing and taking about 4 steps...the problem is Lulu...she likes to take him down after that!

So fast! Lu whizzes around with her lightning sneakers! "No Mommy they are my Dancing Shoes!"

A Spot of Tea!

I do believe that jolly Jer loves a tea party as much as Lucille!
A delightful spread of grilled cheese bites, clemetine slices, dried blueberries (a particualar favorite of BubFerg!) and hmm...let me see was it 4 or 5 pots of tea these babes downed?!

By the end of it all, they were dancing, laughing, and slurping down the last tidbit both percievably on a fructose high!