Lucille Renee Ferguson

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Camera's Caput

Hello to all from Colorado! I have a bit-o-bad news...that being my camera is dead. So until that can be remedied we are all stuck with film. Which takes 24 pics in a row that have to be developed onto a CD then loaded onto my computer and later posted....ahhhh....the drag of it all! The good news is I only have 3 pics left to take then the processing can begin! In the meantime here is a Wee Ferg Update-

Bubsie is a pulling up mad man....prefering to do a full stance with only one hand griping the table or Mommy's hair (whichever is more convient)! All I hear, which is very dear, is "Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom! Nothing makes him laugh so hard as LuGirl or Helton in action...he just cracks up! Wagon rides are a daily occurance and a piece of chalk that envitably gets particaly eaten! He can crawl fast but chooses to wail at Mommy to pick him up instead. He loves the swings, avacado, Helton's water bowl, and one particular book with colorful butterflies. His 3 tiered hinney is quite a sight as he pulls up on the tub and does the happy bathy dance! And Lucille is a chatter box, commenting on anything and everything. She has managed to tell Bubsie "no" so many times I do believe I have heard him tell her "no!" already!!! Here are some conversation clips- "Ask very nicely Mommy?!" Yes, Lu you did, thank you. "What that Mommy, can I help Mommy?!" "Vvvveeerrryyy da-nger-ous, NO, BUBS!" "Call Pappy Mommy!" "Veeerrrrryyyy hungery Mommy...oooo!!! Tastes vvvveeerrrrryyy good Mommy!" "Daddy I'm..a...giraffe...need cracker!" "He's a crawling boy Mommy (he heee) look at him go!" "So handsome Bubby!" "He is a teethin' boy Daddy! Oh Chubsy Bubsy!" Lucillle is full time entertainment for Bubs, and always willing to "make happy Bubsie!" As Lucie says "I'm crazy Mommy, crazy!" No Lula Belle, your wonderful!