Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Ferg's new backyard!

In honor of Father's Day, Lucille and I felt a little bragging was in order for the day! Jeromy put in this lovely and already throughly enjoyed backyard for us! Lula loves to slide down into the grass and throw wood chips at Helton. Helton loves to roll in the cool grass and sniff it. Daddy and Momma like the look of it and enjoy having a spot for Lucie to play in the shade at evening time. Jer creatively designed the curvey shape and thought 3 pine trees and some potted flowers were the last needed touches to his "piece-de-resitaunce"! Ha haa you gotta love my french!

Father's Day at the Zoo!

Daddy awoke and quickly devised a plan for a day of extra ordinary fun! He whipped his girls into the car for breakfast at Waffle House (of which Lula was a HUGE fan!) then took the fam to the Zoo! Carosal rides, snakes to crawl through, parrots to point and clap at, pinguins to mimic with head shakes, and giraffes to feed! Lucille was literally beside herself with glee! A definate hit and new love for Luc! No wonder she loves it when Daddy's home for the day....he sets the bar for fun to high!

A Lunch Date with Daddy!

Haa... the sweet days of summer! Cool breezes, tasty sandwiches, and interesting chats with Daddy are all that a baby could ask for!

"Oh Momma" said Lula suddenly. "I know exactly what dinner needs....a little more pepper!" Later "" echos through Momma's cookie press as Little Lu continues her daily exploration of the cabinet!

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Portrait of Lucille

Sweet Pea loves to help her Mom-mom in the garden. Early morning sun floods this picture of Lucie, who sweetly takes care of the weeding. Ha haa...or basically dumping out Momma's wood chips!

The Little Peach at the Beach!

Lula Belle was not so keen on the fact she was quite flustered to find the sand did not come off! After a bit and Daddy coaxing her, she learned to love the dry sand and water (from Dad-dad's arms of course!)
We had a small adventure to VA Beach and back. Jeromy had a business meeting and Lula and I decided to come along for the ride!

Testing the Water...

" Hmmm...No Mom-mom." said Lucille decidedly. Meaning that the day was toasty but the water was not! So we girls enjoyed a nice sit in the shade instead of a dip. Better luck in a few weeks!