Lucille Renee Ferguson

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Wee Fergs are back in the Lime-Light!

Bubsie navigates a treaturous tunnel filled with LUCIE!!! We are working on being a sharing- and now-caring girl!

Peek-a-boo Bubs!
We love to laugh....ha haa ha ha! Long and loud and clear! Let'er ring Bubsie!
If you think this kind of thing is typical for Lu at lunch, think again! This was a nacho normal meal! ha haa!
Puffins navigates the powder puff with her trusty pup-o-nator, ready to protect!

Miss Priss dressed to kill and ready to roll on over to Daddy's for lunch.

A Very Merrry Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Tiny Hinneys preparing for a bath extravaganza!

Buzz Cut Bubsie!

Yes we did eventually figure out why you cut a childs hair in front of the mirror. Bubsie kept moving his head to see the clippers and would not stay still...till we adjourned to the bathroom! Puffins also got a small bob.
Here she takes a Mommy for a spin!

Flakey Fall Leaves and Weather!

Little Jer hides for a rousing game of "Peek a Boo"! Which his loving sister has taught him to play!
Snow Tea! Absolute Fav of Miss Lulu's!
These days we have warm days, snow days, and bitter cold days...all mixed up like a bag of tricks!

Tour de Backyard...this is how Bubs prefers to get around!

Busy keeping Daddy busy is what Bubs does best!

Little Lu pitches in and helps Daddy make a clean sweep of the yard! Lucie especially had oodles of fun sliding down into the leaves this year. We came back from the store one morning with our large red balloons and she disappeared in the yard...all I could see was a puffy pile of leaves with a rawther large balloon hanging singulary above the mass!.. Hmmm where did Puffins go?! I wondered!