Lucille Renee Ferguson

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Little Native Boy....

A Study of Bubs...he is hilarous, very smart, and keenly aware of water an mud!
Things Bubs can't live without include gobs of cheesy noodles, sticks...longer the better, boots, swords, ants, popicles, going through Lu's purses when she is still asleep, chase, Momma, mud and hoses, and last but not least thick and sticky peanut butter sandwiches topped off with Sunshine Juice (carrot, barely green, and OJ)!

These Boots Where Made for Bubsie's...

and there just like Lu's....these boots where made for Bubsie's and they'll tromp through water too! Bubs got his black boots this morning and he got the biggest smile...nothing like having the same thing as your sis! Then after a swing of joy...a random tiff over a fort there NEVER use then off to the pool to test out the ol' golashes!

First 5 minutes...
next 5 minutes...

a few minutes later...notice a pattern? The sun is rising and the Wee Fergs eagerly soak it it!

Puffins flaunting her new "high heels"!!

Coloroado High!

This pic captures throned Babe Bubs perfectly..."I want you to hold me up not hold me with Lulu!!!" cries naughtly Bubbie Boo! He actually had a blast once he got his way...
Lulu got her mountain high and an exceptionaly delicous donut from the famed Donut Mill...or was it a donut/sugar high?!!

Here we are at the famous Red Rocks ampitheater outside was neat...definately have to make a concert before we leave this state!

Bubs and Lu loved the sqwishy snow and marched, danced, stomped, threw, and sat in it to there hearts delight!

Escapee Lil' Jer can't stay away from flowing water...he finally had to be permentaley removed...(this was before the waterfall).

Rain Drops on Roses...

and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens...these are a few of my favorite things!! Or if you are a Wee Ferg it might be running across a rainfall with your UMBRELLA!!! We took a Sunday drive after of last big snow storm and went into the mountains. Lu had been begging Daddy for weeks to "take me to the mountains"...needless to say she did not believe us when we said we were in the mountains...guess it did not match up her idea of what mountains should look like! This was outside Denver at Red Rocks.

Chalk Talk!

Bubs and Luc where happily dancing and drawing all day with their new art board. Bubs made a particularily enchanted pose while Lucie's cute chubby hands are all that remain of babyhood!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hap Hap Happy Birthday Lucille! Big 3!!!

Dad woke Lucie up with a "Happy Birthday Puffins!" and Lu popped up wide-eyed, summer-salted out of bed landing on the floor and dashed past Momma into the hall....stood at the top of the stairs and posed like superman and had a hearty laugh as she survived balloons, signs, presents, and cards! Here she opens her long awaited card, which she had carried with her for weeks...!

"Hmmm...guys...which one is next!" Order people we must have order! Notice the stance and shoes...ya gotta love it! A true girly girl!

The other famous pose that usually compliments the previous one!

Buzzin' around checking out all her new "favorite" toys!

A sharing girl and a sharing boy play a short game and share!

Very short game!

"Oh Mamie that looks great!" "I really like the candy!" Luc tests out her throne and finds it statisfactory....she just learned "Mamie" thanks to a toon and the fact she is now a 3 year old watching and studying them!

Struttin' her stuff with a new purse, filled with fabulous treasures!

Bubs notices the "jingles" ( hershey kisses) and m&ms's sprinkled around the table and he starts forward!

Got em all by Jove! Not one mmer or jingle left...Pig Boy!

A three layered chocolate coconut flour cake with butter creme frosting, mousse on the inside and sprinkles and berries on top!

It was fabulous and even better I thought the next day!

Pooped out party girl takes 5!

Not pooped out party boy sneaks a scare!

The days final excitement "slurpin' noodles!" Yah!