Lucille Renee Ferguson

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Passing of The Little Red Bird...

We had just sat down to dinner when "kwap" a red bird hit the upper window....we all raced out and hoped for the best but alas today we held a funeral for our lovely friend...nothing like this had happened since Oliver the Oven bird passed away 2 summers ago....

Dad showed up with crawfish and the kids went wild! We have a true Louisiana crew here...Lu and Jer even learned out to peel em!

Fat Tuesday picnic on the deck!

Cecily enjoying the view from dad's shoulders as the floats pass.

Lawson and Jeromy

Maisey and Lucille

Gardening 101: prepping the soil... this is a "very Lu" Lu stance!!!

Cecily chooses to stomp in the remaining puddles!

Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad black Rosie stalking her!! When Rosie the cat came to us she was so tiny Cecily managed to "remind her of her place" daily...but now Rosie is returning the favor!!

Patty cake Patty cake- Bakers Three!

Three littles lined up to start baking their homemade king cake....complete with a baby! Cecily is always in the mix and needs to do or have whatever Lu and Jer have....apron, spatula, measuring cups..etc.

Da-dee....Cecily calls on her Pop to read her a story...she is starting to say all kinds of phrases and words. As soon as Daddy comes through the door she demands to be lifted up and held by her "Da-dee"!
I love this outfit on her...just like her big sis she can wear those colors!

A "hot and bubbly" is an after dinner tradition and favorite for Ceci...a long hot soak with bubbles and loads of toys!

What does a boy do whilst his sister is at ballet? Cartoons and cookies...ssshhh! Its a secret!

A few bazillion books before bed! Jeromy and I are dino experts!

Party + Parade= Too Much FUN!!

After the tea party, Olympia rolled through town and it was super cold...all gear absolutely necessary...Cecily was the star and got loads of beads and stuffies- so did lu and J but a baby is a prime target!

Enjoying herself real supervision and loads of party food within her grasp!

The tea!!! It was a great success and all was pink pink pink! Little girls running everywhere and 3 token boys! Fruit tarts, tiny cream pies, sandwiches, peppermint brownies, and berry tea.

Party Prep

Lucille, Cecily and Jeromy hosted a Valentine Tea the few days before were a frenzy of ideas, pinkness, and baking....Jeromy later was quite upset-feeling as he had been "tricked" in to a "pink" party!!! He would have preferred a green I think a St. Patty's day party may be in the planning....

Out picking flowers the night got cold and raining and our outdoor tea ended up inside and we saved a couple dozen lovely azaleas, camillas, buttercups (yellow jasmine) and in a rainbow of colors.

Jer leads the pack out into the stormy evening...Notice the boots on Cecils...she LOVES them in drizzly puddly weather!

J Guy!

In the middle of a joke! Head stand silly!

Just thinking of something funny to tell Lu!

The girls reading...adorable!

The Kiddlins...

Here are the recent mug shots...not a bad lookin' crew!

A fabulous puddle day and it was a new experience for Feffles...Lu and Jer showed her how to splash, jump, and enjoy every bit of the cold water! Nowadays Ceci (Cessi) is part of the pack...where they go she goes or she is deeply offended!

Everyday Fun!

Sweet Cecils is a glam girl...she loves Lulu's glitter purse and pink!! Foofers is in the stroller pushing stage/age so between her pink baby strollie and pink grocery cart... she stays very active!

Peanut Butter Balls! yummers! Jer is a "ham" these days...always the funny man...notice Lu cracking up!

I had to repost this for Jer's low eyes...too many pb balls!!!??? and Cecils cheeks!! And Puffins of course!

Cecily is on the MOVE!

Cecily, after the New Year, was a cruisin' cool booties, pearls and lots of investigating....we have boarded the spiral stairs and now she is free to roam!