Lucille Renee Ferguson

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An A-"Maisy"ing Tea!

Lu and Jer were delighted to entertain sweet Maisy for the morning...after a cowboy tea they moved on to hose fun then back in for fairys and superman!

Grandma's B-day! Loads of fun!<

A lovely breakfast outdoors at Gram and Paps...we soaked up the first teenie-weenie cold front!

The dock Dad and Pappy built is behind the littles!

Crab Hunt!

Earlier this month we spent some time with Grammy and Pappy helping build a dock and enjoying the beach. This night we went crabbing and got 2 big blue crabs. Lu and Jer stopped everyone to show off their find and compare sizes! Dad was the hero catching them both!

Checking out everyone elses and deciding ours was biggest!

Back home, into the pot they go! The car trip back all Lu and Jer could say was how much they "looovvveeddd" was their favorite!! Until...

It was cooked...then no one would eat it! ha haa!

Exploring the beach. This was the first time Jeromy enjoyed the water and Lu fell in love with it! Unfortunately on our last day she dove into a jellyfish and got her face all stung was horrible. But she was the bravest 4 year old. Stung even in her mouth...thank the good Lord she was wearing goggles. Dad ripped it off her face and destroyed it. Brave Brother said he got stung too!

Shell collecting.

So handsome and strong! Just like his daddy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Moments at the Fergs!

The light fairy appears...actually daily now...! And wishes us all glorious days, plentiful tea parties, and lots of long cool swims!

Trying out his new costume...thanks Lawson! It really makes him stronger and does Lu's magic wand...when she waves it over him!

Adding a little Danger to his Day! Jer can whip up this holly tree in no time flat!...In fact he his onto climbing the Magnolia now! (with a wee bit of help!)

Hangin' out with Handsome Dad!

Uncle Hank's Big B-day!

Uncle Hank's party turned into a costume party thanks to Superman and The Light Fairy!

We spent a better part of the morning making the perfect wand and Jer not to be left out made the perfect gun wand...better range!

There goes that red flash again! Why it's SuperJer!
Faster than a speeding bullet....!

Here we are after a swim and Lawson showing up as a Cowboy!

Hmmm...what does he think about?
Lu took over the details by providing Hawaiian lays and hats and a few blowers too! She takes these b-days seriously as does Jer!

The classic line..."you want some of this?!"

Chocolate Frosting!

Yes, Lu and Jer caught a box turtle in Cov! I hadn't seen one since I was a kids...but these two found one and quickly named it, suprise, Chocolate Frosting!...Everything in our house is Chocolate or Banilla!

Lu girl just popping out for a quick trip into town...dressed to the 9's!

What do you do when your kid has "Jer-normous" muscles?! Help him develop them further!!! With a bit of good ol' trash!